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Governments have collapsed. Cities once filled with life now lay in ruin and ash. Humanity is no longer the dominant species on the planet. The apocalypse has arrived.

The year is 2134, and the world couldn't be in darker times. Religion called it the end of days; television called it the walking dead; some would even say the machines are responsible. No matter what you call it, it has arrived, and it's going to take everything these three have to stop it. But whether it be zombies or demons, mutants or robots, the fate of the world is at stake, and it's up to us to stop it.

1. Dr. Robert Neville

Will Smith as Dr. Neville in 'I Am Legend'
Will Smith as Dr. Neville in 'I Am Legend'

Francis Lawrence's 'I Am Legend' taught the world a lesson when it released; don't mess with Dr. Robert Neville. Watching his family (along with most of civilization) perish, Dr. Neville tackled the zombie apocalypse head himself. Well, he did have a dog for some of the film, but to watch humanity crumble after your family was killed would have most men on their knees begging for death. But not Robert Neville. He learned fast how to adapt to his new environment, turning his home into a fortress and setting up shop with a radio to contact any and all survivors of the apocalypse by the pier day after day. Not enough of a bad ass to entrust the fate of the world to him yet? He also worked tirelessly to find a cure for the virus - and he did. But I think the most important factor to consider isn't just how they handled the crucible - but why they fought so hard despite losing everything. Dr. Neville sacrificed his own life in the end so that humanity could have a fighting chance at reclaiming it's world from the clenches of darkness. The courage he mustered to fight day after day and ability to adapt so readily to the new, darker world, coupled with his willingness to do whatever it takes to save humanity makes Dr. Robert Neville an asset to my team unlike any other. And most importantly, I can trust him to make the tough calls when they need to be made, knowing his main priority is the survival of our race. His skills are going to be essential if humanity is to unite once again to take on the apocalypse.

2. Master Chief Petty Officer John-117

Demon. Heretic. Re-claimer. Salvation. Man. Machine
Demon. Heretic. Re-claimer. Salvation. Man. Machine

That's right, the next member of my team is the Master Chief himself. Having stared death in the face more times than Hell itself, Chief has never ceased to amaze us. Bio-augmented as child to be more than a man, he is a war machine unlike any other. In fact, he's not only saved Earth countless times, but the entire universe. Faced with the parasitic Flood, an army of aliens called the Covenant, the Forerunner's themselves, and a few rings that can wipe out all sentient life with the push of a button, the Chief has time and time again laid everything on the line to save humanity, and does so in quite the bad-ass manner. He's beaten aliens with his bare hands. Hell, he fell from space through flying debris down onto a planet and got back up. This sheer will to survive and do whatever it takes to get the job done is something crucial in an apocalypse where anything can happen. In truth, there is no one better suited for an apocalypse than the Master Chief. Not to mention, he doesn't seem to need food or water (I've never seen the chief eat or drink, have you?), so his survival is dependent only on eradicating the threats that created this apocalypse.

3. Professor X

Don't let the paralysis fool you..he's deadly.
Don't let the paralysis fool you..he's deadly.

I know what you're thinking - the third person on my apocalypse survival squad is paralyzed from the waist down. And you're absolutely right. But what's the point in saving the world if their's no one left to save it for. Professor X (from every X-men movie, with the exception of First Class) has unique abilities that allow him to track down both mutants and humans, making him possibly the most pivotal part of my team. Tracking down humanity while warning of any incoming threats, the Professor can make the biggest worlds of small, in a sense. Oh...and he's able to get into your head, seeing what you've seen, or what he wants you to see. Who needs guns when you can distort someone's reality, right? His mind is like a built in security system that not only alerts you when intruders are coming but is a beacon to humanity that salvation can be found behind this unlikely trio of heroes. Plus, he can actually sense fear, and animals are bound to be afraid of what's happening in the apocalypse. This would allow him to find food and water (since aquatic creatures would also be afraid of what's happening, not to mention the land animals that are scared still need to hydrate) for the whole team (and any survivors we may find) to survive with.

The Overall Spectrum of My Choices

1. Dr. Neville has proven he has the tactics, combat skills and sheer will to survive an apocalypse where zombies not only can run and sense you, but seem to have super strength and even intelligene (and emotions). Coupled with his ability to find ways to still communicate with any survivors (despite the limited resources he had), giving them a beacon that there is hope and place to regroup, he is an essential part of this team.

2. The Master Chief doesn't need food or water, so he has no need to worry about such limited resources. His suit would protect him from getting bitten, so contracting the infection would be next to impossible. And having not only survived, but actually defeating the greatest threats Earth, the galaxy, and the universe have ever seen, he is the perfect candidate for my apocalypse team.

3. Last, but not least, is Professor X. He can sense fear in others, including animals, which would lead him to find food and water for the team. This will also allow him to sense any survivors who are still alive, as there fear would be running rampant through the Professor's senses. And, with his telepathic abilities, he can not only sense incoming danger, but actually get into their heads; whether it be to see what they've seen, control them or even create an illusion as the reality they see, he will be the key to escaping any threats that come our way.

Well, that's the team. A doctor who can adapt to any situation while never losing sight of the end-game, a soldier that can survive nearly anything and has conquered apocalypse's that could consume the universe itself, and a professor who can find not only find food and water but also any human or enemy, as well as create a mass illusion for quick escapes and even control the incoming threat through their minds. Let's roll out boys; we got a planet to save.


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