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I had a weird idea while replaying some of my favorite video games this summer, what if someone turned them into anime's? A lot of video games have great premises, characters, or action set pieces that could be perfectly adapted for an anime world. Often times the problems with adapting something like a book or a video game is the movie has to leave out a lot of things that fans would've wanted to see on the big screen, there have been exceptions like Peter Jackson's 4-hour long versions of Lord of the Rings. Obviously most people probably don't have four hours to spend watching movies this long for their favorite book or video game, so my solution is why not adapt them into shows? They would be able to supply much more fan service to the fans and can even take them into interesting and new places that wouldn't work or just wouldn't be as widely accepted in games. So with that in mind I came up with this list and a plan for how these games should be adapted.


I think Resident Evil series could make a good horror action anime make it as bloody as Attack on Titan and paint the screen with gallons of blood. I can picture seeing Resident Evil as either a 3D CGI anime like the two CGI movies (although I'd imagine the CG not looking as impressive because of budget), or a 2D hand drawn anime feel like Ghost in the Shell. Season 1 would adapt the first Resident Evil as well as some flashbacks telling the tale of RE Zero so we have multiple stories going on at once to keep the audience interested. Season 2 could actually cover RE 2 and 3 if we wanted it too and then we could jump into RE 4 with shifting perspectives of Leon and Ada all in all I think this could be a cool anime that could run for at least 3 seasons.


Kingdom Hearts already looks like an anime so an anime adaptation isn't too far fetched, it would be a good idea to help refresh people's memory of the franchise's bloated lore. Once again, Kingdom Hearts could be a traditional 2D style or a 3D style. Maybe it can change for whatever world the character's enter it could work for little kids and older fans alike especially if it encompasses everything so far until we get to KH3 (whenever that comes out), it still has a massive fan base so funimation really should think about it.


There is such a massive list of Final Fantasy series to choose from I'm honestly struggling to pick just one I would appreciate an anime adaptation. The obvious choice would be FFVII,especially since a remake has been confirmed at some point in the future (still geeking out over that), but at the same time I think I might want to see a FFX anime Tidus just screams anime character and I can picture some hilarity of him being so peppy and optimistic that he annoys the hell out of characters like Lulu or Auron. At the same time I think FFXIII (the first one), could make a decent anime series I'd probably go 25 episodes in total on that. Because there are so many Final Fantasy games Square Enix and Funimation would have a ton of different stories to choose from.


For a fighting game Soul Calibur has a really interesting story and I could picture it as a journey style anime adventure that could stretch all the way to Soul Calibur IV, (don't think they should touch V). With such a huge roster of characters with interesting backgrounds an anime of this series would definitely have a lot going for it. I think Nightmare should be the primary villain and then maybe Zasalamel could be like an Emperor Palpatine style character whom makes his debut in the adaptation of the third game. If you hired the people who did Sword Art Online I think we'd have a winner.


Drakengard isn't a popular game in the U.S, not that many people know about it. The third game, although flawed and a tad repetitive has a great story if you stick with it, a cast of irreverent but hilarious characters. Drakengard has a knack for somehow making me like characters who are extremely unlikable. The third one feels like an anime because of the way it blends intense violence and action with some wacky humor. The original games are more grim and don't have any funny moments but are still full of carnage a blood, more so than the 3rd game. Imagine how bad ass it would be to see one guy wielding a sword with a giant red dragon flying above at his side versus an entire army. That's exactly how Drakengard is. Each of the main installments could be a separate anime series because they are different. It would be best suited as a fusion between 2D for the human characters and 3D for the monsters and dragons. Drakengard might find more success as an anime than a video game, it has a strong fanbase in Japan so if we got a great anime team behind it, this could be a hit.


I'm having a tricky time deciding whether a God of War anime should be 2D or 3D anime as I can picture it as either one. If it was 2D I'd like to see it as a stylized brutal adaptation sort of like 300 or in that vein. I'm thinking that instead of going in a linear fashion (God of War, God of War 2, God of War 3) I'm thinking start at God of War 3 and then we hop back to God of War and God of War 2 and keep returning briefly to GOW 3 for a bit only to cut back to GOW 1 or 2 so that way it keeps the audience engaged and mixes up Kratos' bloody rampages through Olympus.


Dead Space would be in the same vein as Resident Evil except with more horror. We've already seen Dead Space in film form in both Dead Space Downfall and Dead Space Aftermath so there's no doubt that it would look good in anime form. If they followed the story of the games maybe even jump back and adapt the book Dead Space Martyr into an anime we could have a hit on our hands. I have a feeling a great anime artist could give us some necromorphs even more twisted than what's seen in the games.

Shadow of the Colossus

This is the game that started this whole idea in the first place, when I heard that there was a live action movie in the works one thought came to my head, "How are they going to get all 16 colossi in one film?" my solution would be a multi-part anime series that follows Wanderer and Argo on their giant killing quest. The Colossi would be rendered in 3D while Argo and Wanderer are traditional 2D style. There would be several hurdles to get over in a series like this, the limited backstory would be tough to work around. They could inject some flashbacks into the tale maybe explaining why Mono is cursed or showing Wanderer learning the tale about the ancient sword, or him trying to find the forbidden lands, things like that to keep the pacing good in between Colossi battle. Each Colossus should get its own episode or two depending on the Colossus.

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