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Hey i am finally writing back to you guys again i feel like its been a year but it actually hasn't. When i was in New York i went to visit my sister Brandie. To me it was kinda fun and kinda not fun. Which one do you want to hear first the bad or the good. OK if you say so i will give the bad first. First off where my sister lives is disgusting. There is cockroaches, dirty, bathroom door doesn't close, the shower door doesn't close, no smoke alarms. The worst one is the land lord, oh my lord she is so creepy her eyes are out of her head its freaking scary. But doesn't matter anyway she is moving out thank god. Now the good news. The fireworks are beautiful and awesome, The Brooklyn bridge really big, The Starbucks was delicious oh come on you know it is, The 99 cent pizza is cheesy and hmm mm, I got to see the statue or liberty it was awesome. There is so many things that i did i couldn't even name them. But i will name the most important thing that i got to do is watch Matilda the musical oh its my favorite musical its even better than Shrek the musical sorry but i was in it to so i am saying that i guess i like both i don't really know just don't listen to me. I might have mentioned it in my first article i honestly don't remember but if you want to read it go to Emily Perez i think you can read and answer my quizzes i have for you. So i guess this concludes my adventure that i got to share with you guys so if you want to see me write more during the week like Monday or Tuesday then follow me and if i get enough follows i will share more things with you guys Monday or Tuesday. I will write to all you awesome people next Thursday goodbye.


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