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So we all know about Superman, right? He's got only one weakness: Kryptonite. A deadly element from his home world that is capable of either reducing or outright disabling the Man of Steel's powers and abilities. But should it?

You see, Kryptonite is possibly one the most inconsistent aspects of the Superman world, always changing properties to suit the story of the writer. At some points it has been seemingly impossible to overcome, even in small but concentrated doses, yet other times Superman is somehow able to power through it. Let's look to the comics and movies for some examples of the misuse of Kryptonite.

Inconsistent Weakening Power

Sometimes Kryptonite has deadly effects on the Man Of Steel. Like when Batman used a small ring of it to gain an advantage on Superman in the story 'Hush.'

But other times, it seems to be a mere annoyance to him, like when he fought Metallo, and for sake of the plot sucked it up and beat him within seconds.

So how should the ONLY main weakness to the most powerful Superhero be handled? Well, first let us get a feel for how Superman gains and recovers his strength through the sun's radiation in the 'Man Of Steel' Cinematic Universe.

The video above explains brilliantly why and how Superman's abilities are powered. So going off of the 'MOS' universe, into[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), let's use the battery metaphor as well.

When Superman is under the radiation of the Sun, he is plugged in. Therefore, he never experiences a loss in his power. But, when the radiation the sun provides is restricted, he functions off of his battery power; basically, the energy he has stored in his cells. When he is placed out of earth's atmosphere, however, and into Krypton's, he loses his battery altogether, thus losing his powers. Like removing a fully charged battery from a camera, once the battery is placed back in the camera it still holds a full charge. Removing it didn't compromise its stored cell power, it removed it from the equation entirely.

So how should Kryptonite affect Superman in this world? Well, I have a theory. One that would be simple to instigate in the Comic Books as well as the movies.

Superman Should Gradually Lose his Abilities

You see, currently you can either have the Green K do a ton of damage right away or be totally inferior during the whole story. What NEEDS to happen is this: Have Superman gradually lose his powers. Now don't confuse power with strength, Superman will never grow weak and collapse to the ground in pain like in previous encounters with the Green K. He will only lose his individual abilities gradually. When near Green K, as time goes on Superman's heat vision will weaken, and his flight will be restricted to hovering. He will not be as strong from the start and the longer he stays around, the more his strength with resemble a human man's. This will give Batman a way to show Clark what it's like to be feel "your own mortality." This also gives Batman a solid chance while in the ring with Superman. Not to mention that Batman also chose the perfect night to fight Supes...during a thunder storm.

This is an environment suited to Batman, and means that Superman will not be able to simply recharge his battery power - he'll have to get by with whatever he had charged, and when the Kryptonite starts taking effect, he won't have much of a way out.

So What Does Batman Have to DO to Beat Superman?

Simple. He just needs to stay near him. It's been confirmed by Snyder in an interview that the Armored Bat-Suit WILL be laced with Kryptonite. So if Batman can stay near him long enough, he'll secure victory.

However, this is also a great setup for Superman. All Superman would have to do is fly away while he still could, but he's not the type of guy to run from a fight. Considering Clark's inexperience, Superman will likely fall into the trap and before we know it he will have only a fraction of his original power and be face to face with the world's best hand-to-hand combatant: Batman.

So what are your thoughts on Kryptonite in BVS? Let us know in the comments below.


Should this be how Kryptonite is handled?


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