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Machinima has been in the comic book spotlight recently with their awesome series Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, a collaboration with Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm. The series gives us a new and alternate look at some of our favorite DC superheroes. Like a vampire Batman, or a Superman rocking an impressive goatee!

Well now, the online gaming and video platform is working with Hasbro to bring us a brand new Transformers animated series! The series is based on Hasbro's Transformers: Combiner Wars line.

Combiner Wars is a comic book storyline that has also been the subject of many Hasbro toy lines and the upcoming video game Transformers: Devastation.

“Our audiences are huge fans of the toy, comics, movies and video games, and for us to continue the legend with the Combiner War is a unique story-telling opportunity,” says Daniel Tibbets, CCA.

Combiner Wars saw Optimus Prime and other Transformers gain the ability to combine into one giant robot, called a Combiner (hence the original name). Not much is known about the story of the new show yet. But according to Hasbro Senior VP Tom Warner, the series is going to focus on the teen and adult demographics, giving older fans the animated show they've always wanted!

“(Machinima is) the perfect partner to help launch a totally new kind of Transformers animation—one that, for the first time ever, is specifically designed for the teen and adult fans who’ve grown up loving the Transformers brand.”

Anyone who's seen Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles knows just how mature this show can and will get. Get ready to see your favorite Transformers in a whole new light!

No further details on the Machinima exclusive yet, but with the San Diego Comic-Con well under way, you can expect some more news very soon!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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