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Looks like another Twilight star is officially off the market! While Mike Newton may not have been able to win over Bella's heart in the franchise (not being supernaturally inclined) his actor, Michael Welch, proposed to his long term girlfriend on stage at the Thirst Gala.

Michael is most well known for his appearance in the Twilight movie franchise, but has gone on to have many guest appearances on TV shows, and starred in the show Z Nation.

Before the event Mike tweeted about his excitement for the event and getting to see old co-star Kristen Stewart again

Looking forward to seeing my old pal Kristen Stewart tonight at :) @thirstproject

As a long time fan of Michael's, ever since his role in Joan of Arcadia in fact, I am extremely happy for him and wish him and his new fiance nothing but happiness. Congrats you guys!



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