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Remember the kid from Iron Man 3? Yeah, well I bet, and I'm not alone in thinking this, that he will be the character to take on the alter-ego 'Iron Lad' within the Marvel Cinematic Universe! He has quite an interesting character and he has a very intriguing story arc.

Now, here comes a fan theory so be prepared!

Fan Theory

During the Infinity War, Harley Keener (the kid in Iron Man 3) starts working on various experiments, one of which is very similar to the Iron Man armor. Harley battles in his mind, wondering if he could be a hero and join the Infinity War but he decides not as it is too much of a commitment and he isn't ready for that kind of responsibility.

At some point during [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027), Tony Stark tragically dies and Harley feels terrible that he couldn't join in and help.

The deceased Iron Man
The deceased Iron Man

This is the push that Harley needs, so he takes on the Mantle of Iron Lad and becomes a hero.

'Kang The Conqueror' appears to Harley and tells him that he is the future him and that in an alternate universe Harley took the death of Iron Man, his idol, so hard that he became a villainous figure. Kang tells Harley to join the Avengers, otherwise this path is still destined to be dark.

Harley tries to join the Avengers but is turned away as he is considered too young and told he doesn't have enough training. He realizes he must form some sort of team so he assembles with others like Scott Lang's daughter (becoming Stature) and others (maybe Miles Morales) making the 'Young Avengers' (maybe turning into a TV show). He goes into his old computer, remembering that it was once connected to Iron Man's suit, he then downloads J.A.R.V.I.S into his own suit.

Everything is going well until Kang comes back and tells Harley that he must make things the way they were as the reality he's in becomes much worse due to various reasons. Iron Lad is removed from his suit but J.A.R.V.I.S becomes 'Young Vision' and fights in Iron Lad's place.

Why This Is Important

The 'Iron Lad' figure would be important as he could be the continuation of Iron Man and form a whole new team that would inevitably team up with the Avengers for a massive battle.

In my theory, Iron Lad's story line is similar to Miles Morales' so they could do that instead of Miles (which would sadden me greatly) but it would be shocking as Iron Lad is not a well known character so many would want to see what he is like.

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