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So I was searching through a long line of actors and I found some I think would be great matches for the characters not yet cast in Batman vs. Superman.

So we know that superman has been cast already along with batman, aquaman, cyborg and wonder woman. But I have found some good condidates for other justice league members.

So lets start off with Green Lantern.

Many people have made it to the be considered for the honor of weilding one these sacred power rings on screen but I think I have found the perfect match ups.

Jensen Ackles the star from one of my favorite shows "Supernatural" Would be a great addition to the big screen. He is a great actor and he fits the part. he is not my first choice as green lantern but he is the most reasonable choice.

My second choice would be a great green lantern or hawkman.

Karl Urban. He in my opinion meet the perfect look for a hawkman or a green lantern.

Im not saying I would pick jensen or karl over the other but I would love to see some hawkman action in batman vs superman or maybe justice league?

Lastly for green lantern is Tyrese Gibson.

Putting the lanterns aside I also settled on

Benedict Cumberbatch as martian manhunter.

Brandon molale as shazam and the rock obviously for black atom.

And finally the flash and arrow actors from their prospective shows would fall into place! Tell me what you think?


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