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Spawn: the nucleus between heaven, earth and hell
Spawn: the nucleus between heaven, earth and hell

When Todd Mcfarlane created Spawn. He created a hugely successful character for various reasons. One was that he is the anti-hero we all root for. Similar to Frank Castle for Marvel, we all cheer for him. The second is that he is African-American. But outside of the big two (Marvel and DC) Spawn has prospered. He has maintained his success by being in film (although we will forget that). A hugely popular HBO animated series. And the ever so popular Mcfarlane Toys range. There is not a thing that doesn't dilute Spawn. So why does Image Comics not feel the same?

Image Comics are an independent comic distributer. Todd Mcfarlane created Image after he left Marvel. Spawn was one of the first titles for Image along with Savage Dragon. Image Comics are now over 15 years old, with Spawn being there since day one. However, since Robert Kirkman got involved it's been a change. I'm not talking about a bad difference. Kirkman has created awesome titles like The Walking Dead, Invincible, Guardians of the Globe, Tech Jacket, Astounding Wolfman, Black Samson etc. Kirkman has created a great Image universe. However, although this universe is a great one, it does not involve Spawn. The problem with Spawn is that he is a individual from the norm. He basically has his own universe. In that universe there are dark characters that are directly connected to Spawn. Spawn is the nucleus between heaven, earth and hell.

Spawn is good in his own story. I really cannot imagine a crossover between Spawn and Invincible! For me, they are both opposites. Just like the rest of the roster. So, for the last few years people assume that Invincible and Walking Dead are the primary Image titles. You can even check out the website and Spawn hardly features. To me, this is insulting. If I was Mcfarlane I would demand equal exposure. I would demand that Spawn gets recognition and used properly. Because I can imagine other publishing companies would love to sign the rights of Spawn. Companies like Dark Horse or IDW.

What can be done to develop Spawn further?

Increase his universe with other dark characters and anti-heros. There are a number of like Enoch, Creech, The Darkness, Badrock would be ideal. This will create another universe that would expanded fruitously.

Badrock would be awesome in Spawn.
I know that Haunt featured but not long enough. He could potentially be part of a potential teamup on a fulltime basis.
The Creech. Greg Cappullo created this fantastic character. He had a six issue run but had no other issues. Creech would fit perfectly in Spawns world.

Spawn is a popular character who resembles a great ethical trait. His comic run is still strong. He is now reaching past issue #253.

Image really should capitalise on his character more. Hopefully we will finally see the new animated series...

And with his Toy range still going strong...

Spawn should be up there with the big three of Spider-Man, Batman and Superman.


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