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Ted the talking teddy bear is back and he's having some marital issues with his newly wed, Tami Lynn. To bring the love back into their marriage the two try to have a baby, but due to the obvious circumstances the only way seems to be adoption. When Ted and Tami Lynn apply for parenthood, the government takes away Ted's rights as they don't see him as a person. Ted and his Thunder-Buddy, John, go to court to try and sue the government for Ted civil rights.

The first Ted was one of 2012's most beloved comedies and introduced Seth MacFarlane to the big screen as the director and voice of Ted. That film was a huge success but MacFarlane's last film, A Million Ways To Die In The West was a flop, has he redeemed himself with Ted 2?

I walked into Ted 2 with low expectations, as comedy sequels usually disappoint (I know, there are exceptions), I walked in with an open mind and left with a smile on my face, Ted 2 is an incredibly funny film.

The ludicrous premise of a talking teddy bear trying to prove he's a person really works here, it offers up some great chances for comedy but it's also saying a lot and it's surprisingly relevant. What does it mean to be human? The film asks this question a lot. Is it our body, our contribution to society or our soul? Can this talking teddy bear be recognized as a person in society. Through court room scenes and an unforgettable road trip, Ted, John and their lawyer Sam L. Jackson (Nope....not THE Sam L. Jackson), the three will try to prove that Ted is more than just a talking toy.

The first Ted shocked us all because of the simple idea of a teddy bear who curses and smokes weed, but upon further examination of the story it's incredibly simple and Ted 2 could have taken the easy road and done the exact same thing a second time around. But this story is original, thought provoking and laugh out loud hilarious.

Seth MacFarlane best known for creating the hit TV show Family Guy certainly redeems himself from the poorly done A Million Ways To Die In The West. His first Ted film felt a lot like an adaptation of his TV Series, the humor and editing of the film felt all too similar to Family Guy but Ted 2 stands on its own, this is a well put together comedy with a fantastic script.

Mark Wahlberg returns as Ted's thunder-buddy for life John Bennett, it's incredible how much chemistry Wahlberg has with a CGI bear, MacFarlane and Wahlberg have a terrific back and forth and that all stems from the incredibly witty script. Mila Kunis who played John's (Wahlberg) girlfriend in the first film didn't return for the sequel but in a similar role is Amanda Seyfried who plays the aforementioned Sam L. Jackson, a newbie lawyer taking on Ted as her first case. Wahlberg yet again proves that he has a natural talent for comedy, his delivery and timing is just excellent and his chemistry with Ted is heartfelt and believable.

The film starts off following a lot of similar beats and jokes but it doesn't take long for Ted 2 to find its way and when it does, it's one hell of a time. The comedy hits and it hits hard, from celebrity cameos, to extended fight sequences to absolutely hilarious dialogue. There of course are one or two jokes that miss their mark but in a movie that has so many well earned laughs, those couple of misses can be forgiven.

Ted 2 is a lot better than it's terrible marketing campaign, it's laugh out loud funny and is certainly more than meets the eye. If you liked the first film, you'll have a blast with this much improved sequel.

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