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Captain America is getting chased down by the henchman on snowmobiles until he throws his shield to knock them out and leaves the snow mountains.


Tony Stark is at Cuba with Pepper Potts while he tells J.A.R.V.I.S who is seen boxing with Happy Hogan informs him about Ginger Ninja.Thor is seen doing some gun training and Bruce Banner is in the garage fixing a Dodge charger while Betty Ross is behind him and he smiles when he sees her and they share a kiss on the lips.

Tony is in his workshop inventing on a new Iron Man suit as Pepper tells him that he needs to save the world as she kisses him on the cheek and leaves as Tony tells J.A.R.V.I.S to sort out the details for him about Ginger Ninja.Maria Hill informs James Rhodes about Ginger Ninja as him and Vision go to Sokovia to find information about Ginger Ninja with Nick Fury.

Natasha Romanoff goes to Golden Gate Bridge as Clint Barton joins her in taking down ninjas in a Dodge charger as Natasha begins to use her martial art skills and taser batons to kill two ninjas while more Ninjas arrive as they are taken down by Captain America and Hulk.

Hawkeye uses his bow and arrow to take down a couple of ninjas with Iron Man and War Machine who just came back from Sokovia.

Iron Man uses his repulors to take down the Ninjas with War Machine and Hawkeye who is surrounded by more Ninjas.

Thor arrives just in a nick of time with a shotgun to throw to Hawkeye who uses it to fire at the Ninjas.

J.A.R.V.I.S. uses a bazooka to fire at the ninjas with Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch and Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver who begin to throw grenades at the snipers.

The Quinjet arrives to fire at the Ninjas while Hulk turns back into Bruce who throws a wrench into a henchman who grabs it to fight him in combat.

Vision arrives to punch the henchman in the face followed by Pepper Potts using an assault rifle to fire at the henchman one by one.

Thor holds a Minigun to fire at the Ninjas one by one.

A few more Ninjas drive a truck to kill Captain America who is saved by Thor as the truck drives off to a skyscraper as Captain America stays behind to fight the Ninjas while Thor goes to a police car and drives it to catch up with the truck as it clashes between the police car and the truck in slow motion as the ninjas begin to shoot at the police car as Thor throws his hammer to knock out the two ninjas fellowed by taking down the other Ninja who fights him in the police car as the truck flips over to cause an explosion leaving the police car to crash into a headquarters in a skyscraper as the Ninja throws Thor out of the police car and fights him as he chokes him and then snaps his neck and hides under the police car and gets out a sawed-off Remington Model 1100 to shoot at the two Ninjas and leaves.

Bane arrives at Golden Gate Bridge and has a massive fight with Hulk who manages to fight back but Bane finishes him off until he is blasted by Iron Man and War Machine.

The Avengers go to Abu Dhabi. They all travel there and find out that a device is somewhere as Thor manages to use Iron Man's suit to find it while Hawkeye finds out there is two henchman standing in front of him holding wrenches and pipes to fight against him as he uses his bow and arrow to kill the henchman fellowed by Ginger Ninja arrive out of the elevator in a suit and introduces himself as Max Lamborghini who holds a baton to hit two guards.

The Avengers take down the guards and escape as Max fires an arrow from a crossbow that misses them.

That Night

The Avengers go to Los Angeles to get weapons and ammunition.

The next day

Bruce is fixing a Dodge Charger for Captain America who is outside playing basketball.


Bane goes to help out Ginger Ninja out with getting rid of the Avengers once and for all.

Ginger Ninja soon confronted them all and summoned a massive armada of his ninjas as Iron Man replied "together". This prompts the legion of ninjas begin to run towards the Avengers.

The heroes then work in tandem and began to destroy any Ninja that comes in thier way as Captain America using his shield and fighting prowess, Black Widow using her martial arts skills and taser batons, Hawkeye using his arrows and bow, Vision using his density altering powers, Scarlet Witch using her hex bolts and telekinesis, Quicksilver using his speed and friction, Thor using his hammer and lightning, Iron Man using his repulsor blasts, and Hulk using his fists as they all fought off the Ninjas who fight against Quicksilver who uses brass knuckles to take the Ninja down while Vision blasts at the Ninjas as J.A.R.V.I.S,along with Maria Hill and several other former S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrived with a Helicarrier to rescue the stranded civilians. The ninjas begin to destory the Helicarrier as Maria Hill throws a wrench over to J.A.R.V.I.S who impales the ninjas one by one.

Sam Wilson, Vision, James Rhodes and Wanda Maximoff attack the Ninjas one by one while Hawkeye uses Thor's hammer to swing towards the Ninjas fellowed by Hulk fighting more ninjas in Sokovia.

Captain America rides his motorcycle with Black Widow who uses her electric batons to shock the ninjas to death as Captain America and Black Widow worked in tandem, as Black Widow uses her electric batons to shock Cap's shield with enough force to ricochet it off of several Ninjas to death.

F.R.I.D.A.Y. tells Thor that the Ninjas are in Asgard as he drives a tank there and fires at the first Ninja while taking down the second Ninja who fights him off with a Karambit.

Quicksilver runs fast to Asgard and in a quick of time he manages to get out a Beretta 92FS to shoot and run fast at the Ninjas at the same time.

Thor stabs the Ninja with his own Karambit and grabs an assault rifle to fire at the ninjas one by one.

Hulk continues taking down the ninjas by using a bazooka but he gets punched by Bane who bashes him out of the church and begins to fight him off.

Captain America holds his own Karambit to kill a few ninjas in combat.

The Helicarrier fires at the Ninjas as Nick Fury comes with a machine gun turret to fire at the snipers one by one while Bane pummels Hulk as Bane gets shot twice by Maria Hill who gets pushed back by Bane as Hulk kicks him to the wall as Maria shoots him in the neck.

Bane gets up and kicks Maria who shoots him in the chest leading to Hulk punching Bane who soon pummels Hulk down.

J.A.R.V.I.S holds a pistol at a Ninja and shoots him in the head.

Iron Man informs Happy Hogan to hack into the Avengers tower to kill all of the ninjas who have microchips in thier eyes.

Scarlet Witch uses her telekinesis to destory the church to kill the ninjas as the whole church is about to fall on her as she is saved by Doctor Strange who rappels down from a helicopter and uses his powers to take down the Ninjas who begin to beat him up as Scarlet Witch uses her hex blots to kill the ninjas who are punched in the face by Doctor Strange who spits out blood and grabs a dagger and stabs the ninjas in a tandem with Scarlet Witch using her hex bolts and telekinesis alongside with Vision, Falcon and War Machine using assault rifles to shoot at the Ninjas one by one.

Hulk is losing strength and starts to feel weak against Bane who get hit by Thor who uses his hammer to get some lighting to shock Bane who gets punched by Hulk and blasted by Iron Man's hulkbuster suit.

Black Widow uses her electric batons to finish off the remaining amount of ninjas while Iron Man and Hawkeye take down the Ninjas with Iron legion to help them out.

Thor gets pummeld and beaten up by Ginger Ninja who uses his magic to choke him as Black Widow arrives to throw her garrote to kill Ginger Ninja who soon duplicates himself to fight Black Widow while Thor is thrown out of the church and then is punched by Ginger Ninja.

Thor punches Ginger Ninja and leaves him but he gets attacked by the ninjas who get attacked by Doctor Strange who uses his powers.

Ant Man arrives with his group of ants to take down the Ninjas as Ant Man presses the button and becomes big and holds a shotgun to shoot at the ninjas one by one as Ginger Ninja leaves Sokovia and tells the Ninjas to kill the Avengers.

The Avengers take down the Ninjas one by one while Thor throws a wrench into the ninjas to die fellowed by an explosion which kills each ninja in slow motion.

The Avengers take down the Ninjas separately as Thor sees Ginger Ninja again but this time in a boxing ring and fights him again as Ginger Ninja beats up Thor who is shirtless as he begins to take down Ginger Ninja who backflips him to the ground.

Black Widow uses her electric batons to take down four ninjas in Istanbul while Iron Man goes to Austria with ,Captain America, Hawkeye and Falcon to take down a couple of henchman in a helicopter.

Captain America throws his shield over to Hawkeye who uses it to bash the henchman to death fellowed by Hulk taking down the henchman in Las Vegas.

Thor struggles to fight back as Ginger Ninja who takes him down with a baton but the Avengers reuntie with him and take down Ginger Ninja together as War Machine shoots him down as he gets sent to Asgard to get punished as the Avengers leave separately and after 3 months later they have reunited and are all together with Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Ant Man and Vision to take down henchman in Switzerland.


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