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Time for a black Batman?
Time for a black Batman?

Hypothetically can Batman be black in the future? Why not? There is nothing to say that It can not be so. Would a black Batman be the last straw? Batman is seen as the top three superheroes ever. You have Batman, Spider-Man and Superman. Some might argue but I think that is a safe bet. We already have a awesome Black Spiderman in Miles Morales...

Miles Morales as Spiderman.

Then there is a black Superman in Earth 2..

Val Zod is Superman in Earth 2 comics.

So why not Batman? Many would say that Batman is the last beacon of so called tradition. A holy grail if you will. Would DC ever contemplate such a move? Well there was a time when we would of never thought of a black Spiderman or Superman. But credit to Marvel and DC for embracing diversity.

Now I read Batman titles. Especially Batman story by Scott Snyder and Greg Cappullo. It is actually one of my favourite comics to date. #

When Batman died in Endgame there was obviously going to be a replacement. There was plenty of speculation that it was Jason Todd, Grayson. It turned out to be Commissioner Gordon. It's a move that was out there but still ok.

Gordon as Batman.

Now did DC and Snyder miss a trick? Should they have bitten the bullet and casted the first black character to play Batman? In my opinion yes AND no.

No because I trust Snyder because he is doing a terrific job. Also I know that it might come one day. Thanks to the development of the Marvel and DC roster. With both being very diverse. I think it could and should be a possibility.

The reason for my optimism is because of the characters they have in Gotham. We have Lucious Fox's son Luke Fox. Who was Batwing. He knows the Intel and is part of the Batfamily. Maybe one day..

Luke Fox knows how to handle himself.
Luke Fox as Batwing.

Then there is Duke Thomas. He is the main character in We are Robin (which I did a post on). He was also in Zero Year and Endgame. Although he is young but maybe in the future he can take over the cowl.

Duke Thomas is streetsmart.....but a bit overzealous.

Thomas will be a forefront character in a few years but he needs to develop in We are Robin first.

Duke Thomas (in Yellow) helping Batman and Bluebird in Endgame.

We live in a world where colour should not be an issue. Unfortunately to some it is. If Batman was ever black, it would not bother me at all. I would think it's a positive move. However, Gordon is doing a great job. Also Wayne will be back. So if there is a black won't be anytime soon.


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