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For the Marvel superhero expansion, there's always speculation who will be playing a certain character and how they'll portray them to their fullest potential. We have the Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Daredevil and we yet to have Iron Fist and Luke Cage. I'm really looking forward to heroes like Dr. Strange, Black Panther and even the Inhumans. The Inhumans are different and more unique than most heroes/villians, they're very introverted, like to keep to themselves and see themselves as their race and the rest is everyone else (humans, aliens whatever).

Fan Casting seems like it could be fun, having the fantasy of creating your own set of people playing a character you like in this particular setting. For me, I've never done a fan cast before and I might end up picking people others have already set their eyes on and already put up but I don't care, this is my way of seeing the characters from a perspective where you may not like my choices but that's the beauty of this right? Let's see who I've come up with to cast this epic flick.....

Black Bolt - Arnold Vosloo

Now most wouldn't think this would be a wise choice but Arnold Vosloo may not have the greatest acting skills but he does have potential to be a formative figure and was pretty decent in the first two Mummy films. The thing about Black Bolt is that beyond his super sonic "voice" he is a complete mute and has more chops using actions more than his words, Vosloo is a bit older that's an obvious fact but I haven't seen much of a movie he was in where he wasn't in decent shape...With a strategic training program he can get in awesome shape for this role and rarely if ever has to talk so he'd be far more physically and take the verbal out of the equation.

Medusa - Alexandra Breckenridge

Medusa in the Marvel world is the voice for Black Bolt (and also wife) and is the queen of the Inhumans. An actress being a full blown redhead should go after this role. Alexandra has showcased her talents both as a voice artist and stunning and pretty good actress. As the voice for the sonic killing machine it's perfect because she can develop a voice that is full of presence and cunning edge acting. A voice is more powerful than we want to believe and whatever BB is thinking she follows with the words. His actions speak for him but her words are the key to his full being along with her powerful sense of royal bad-assery.

Crystal - Dakota Fanning

The younger sister of Medusa and was once married to Ronan The Accuser (crossover anyone?). Crystal is a powerful being that has the ability to control the four elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Air...Talk about lethal) and really hasn't had the greatest history with the characters she's dated (then married) but she is an integral part of the Inhumans and it's not because she's royalty but has had ties with some of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe and that's both good and bad for the race of superior beings. Dakota Fanning would be my choice because she's at the right age for a character like this and has the skills and body that brings out a character of this magnitude. Now some may not see this as wise choice but come on, she needs to get back in the game and what better way than a Marvel movie. She was great as a kid but has since been off the deep end and hasn't had a big role in a while. She fits the mold I believe.

Triton - Dominic Purcell

Triton is the big fish of the Inhumans and a member of the Royal Family that includes Black Bolt Medusa, Gorgon and others. An Inhuman who's biggest life support is water and is the essential out of place member of this superior squad with the intention of being one of the most noble but yet misunderstood at times as well. When it comes to conflicts among the Avengers and Inhumans, Triton has a bit of beef with Black Panther so there may be some words with the two powerhouses in a future scene somewhere. Dominic Purcell is an underrated actor in my opinion and has had a big role (although it wasn't at his best) being Dracula in Blade: Trinity so he has some Comic Book Film experience. This would amplify his role of a good supporting actor that can do great being the backbone for some great characters. He's got presence, got potential poise and can bring a new element to the MCU.

Gorgon - Brock Lesnar

Gorgon is not only a member of the Royal Family but a trainer for upcoming Inhumans who have been consumed by the Terrigen Mist and gives them the tools on how to apply their new powers and combat skills. He is what mythology calls a Satyr, a double animalistic creature that has the upper body of a man and the lower body of a wild goat. He is a valuable asset but doesn't seem to have that much of a major role yet has it's importance. Gorgon is built like a bodybuilder/athlete that could be in the WWE or the NFL, maybe even in the world's strongest man who knows but he is one big dude that's for sure. I have chosen Brock Lesnar for this role because he doesn't need to do a ton of acting but can be an integral part in the MCU. Unlike Batista who has taken on the role of Drax The Destroyer, Brock can be a supportive actor in maybe a few scenes of an Inhuman Movie but not by much and would only need maybe 10-15 lines at best and fights in a couple battle scenes and trains inhuman kids in the background. It's possible this might be a better suit for him than the WWE since he's really only made a few major appearances and doesn't have the tools to be the next big thing anymore, it's not a knock to him or anything I just don't see him as a major player that has a long career in wrestling. He would do good in films maybe not Oscar worthy but not too bad. I do see him in a future role with Marvel.

This is where I end with the Inhumans casting and I think these are pretty good choices and whoever is picked for 2018 it's still going to be epic no matter what. Marvel has kept up a pretty damn good track record of hitting at the box office in nearly a decade. Do you believe I have some wise choices here? Let me know in your comments.


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