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When we last left Carrie and her team in the Homeland season 4 finale, everything was in flux and lots of people where dead. Quinn, Carrie's only friend finally made his move and declared his love for her and they shared a lovely and very brief romantic moment. We all rejoiced.


To recap: Half-promises were made, secrets were reveled, and loyalty was questioned Carrie's mother made an appearance, Quinn after fearing the worst, left on a suicide mission. All in all it was actually an anti-climactic ending. After watching the season 4 finale, I had no idea on what to expect from season 5. The showrunners left it wide open, anything and everything was on the table. I have to say good on them! Sometimes it's best to leave story lines open so the writers have the freedom to explore.

Above is a seasons 1-4 recap. If you haven't caught up on season 4 I recommend you do so soon.

We’re getting closer to Homeland season 5’s fall premiere date, the showrunners are dropping tiny bits of information for the fans. We know that there’s a two year time jump, Carrie has left the CIA and is now working in private security in Berlin and that's it. I'm sure that more information will come as we get closer, but I want it now!

So. Many. Questions.
So. Many. Questions.

What about Quinn!!!? We know he’s alive because he’s in the teaser, but is he happy? Is he with Carrie? What about Saul and Dar Adal? Is Saul back to being head honcho at the CIA? Did Haqqani keep his deal with Dar Adal and Saul? Is Carrie a better mother? Argh!!!! So many questions!

We have to wait till September to find out what the showrunners have in store for us this season.


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