ByBrad Dee, writer at

In 2006, Marvel issued a epic storyline that changed the landscape of the Marvel universe for years and made us question who was truly the heroes and who were truly the villains. That epic was known as "Civil War", and it had us wonder who was right and who was wrong. We saw heroes being forced to make decisions that would effect who they truly were and some heroes forced to side with the monsters to show that they are doing what they believe was right. It also had the identity of Spider-man shown for the entire world. Yes, many of the components of Civil War are gone now and forgotten, but it's still present in the eyes of many. Was Captain America really doing the right thing? Was the ego that we saw from Tony Stark the real Tony Stark? Mostly we were asked "Who's side are we on"?

We all know how Civil War ended in 2007. Steve Rogers turned himself in when he witnessed the destruction that the battles were causing in New York and he saw himself becoming the villain of the story. Many heroes went on the run and Tony Stark became the head of SHIELD. But now we have a story where none of that happened. Instead, we have a story where the Black Panther made a universal decision that he felt at the time was right but instead caused the deaths of over 50 million americans. This decision split the United States down the middle, with Tony is charge of one side(known as "The Iron") and Steve Rogers in charge of the other side(Known as "The Blue"), and again the heroes of the United States are forced to ask "Who's side are you on?". This first issue is interesting, not only because of the different approach that it takes to the Secret Wars crossover, but also because of the fundamental questions which the original crossover posed, questions to which there are no real easy answers, and they are also the questions which underlie much of the public discourse in politics at the moment, especially in the USA. Now sure, some people are going to complain about the lack of action and the notion that this crossover makes no sense to be taking place on Battleworld. But, that is fine also. A good story needs a set-up, and this issue does just that. We have a cliffhanger that shows again all the mistrust that was present in the original epic and also shows us exactly where the new story is going. The Battles are coming next issue. For that, we are ensured. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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