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The Sopranos: Season 2
The Sopranos: Season 2

Well it's been quite a while since my last review of The Sopranos, I mean I reviewed the first season back in March and as I'm specking it's July now. So a good four mouths has passed and I finally finished season two of The Sopranos and the reason why it took me this long to finish is very simply and that's me watching or checking out new or old movies and then reviewing them, same thing with TV shows and back in April I went to New Zealand for two weeks and when I got back I kind of forgot about The Sopranos and I haven't even finished the season yet. Until now I watched all the five last episodes and finished the second season and I got to say that this season was pretty fantastic just like the first season.

I'm running out of things to say about the amazing James Gandolfini, because once again James made Tony both enjoyable to watch and likable in some way even when he's the anti-hero of the show. Tony as a character dose do bad things and usually with a character like that I would hate them because I normally can't stand people like that, but Tony is something like I can understand him and why he's the way he is, all that is James Gandolfini as I bet he felt the same way and played the character anyway. James was brilliant in this season and when I watch season 3 I bet he's still going to be fantastic as always.

What I never brought up in my season one review is the intro for the show and how it really sets up the character of Tony Soprano. It's jazzy, it's sharp and it's remember-able like Tony.

Everyone dose a great in this season when it comes to acting and they characters. I didn't really spot or remember anyone doing a bad performance.

Now one of the cast member of the show had sadly passed away and that's Nancy Marchand as Tony's mother. Nancy plays Tony's mother and that character can be best describe as Skyler White from Breaking Bad that's how horrible and just the worse piece of sh*t of a character that Tony's mother is and I got to give credit to the actress for making me hate her as a character in the show. This is sadly her final episode and not a great way to go out if I must say as in this episode her character is stuck in the airport as the police there as taken her in for questioning and I'm keeping this spoiler free so if you want to know why then check out the episode, but anywhere she get's on the phone to call Tony to get him to save her but Tony hangs up the phone as he hated her for what she did to him and the very last shot we get from her is calling out to Tony to save her.

For problems with the season I haven't really got any to be honest.

Overall the second season of The Sopranos was just as great as the first season. The acting, the characters and everything else was excellent.

Awesome art poster
Awesome art poster

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