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Im a young man whoms only wish is to not watch failed movies and TV series based off of comic book characters. I can't stand it. Its depress

Watching DareDevil has me thinking about a lot of ways the MCU could be going if they wanted to leave the DCCU in the dust. And it begins with Netflix definitely joining their stories together with destructive harmony.

Good expamle would be Agents of Shield. Im not a fan of that show. But I see it's reason for existing.

The Hulk/Bruce Banner give them the 1970's back but right now. The Hulk did best when we were able to see the show every week. I wasn't born back then but I definitely have seen the seasons of live action and the cartoon. And I just cant stand the Hulk not ripping someone who isn't Wolverine or Deadpool in half. Its always the guy with the healing factor or is a God in his own right facing the Hulk I need to see the Hulk cut loose damnit. And not for a mire 10 minutes but for 45 minutes.

(Hulk is too boring? What puny humans say?!)

Hes been all in Avengers 1 & 2 and I'm not sure if hes in Civil War 2016 because his plot in the comics sent him off world. And he does come back but not as the ready to help Avenger. A Netflix series for the Hulk wouldn't be too freaking bad.

(My scripts are never as savage as I want them to be.)

All that can change if Marvel takes advantage of the time they have with Netflix.

I personally think they are wasting their time wi the Jessica Jones, Inhumans and defenders. Unless they all face some well thought out villains they should be defending New York from the Hulk upon his return. He bitch slaps almost every hero he's ever teamed up with in World War Hulk.

Conclusion: whatever is done with the Hulk can't we all agree that he should always go out with a SMASH and not just a simple bang. The Hulk should like you third favorite Avenger. You can't win without him. And whatever side he's been on has always had good just he's so strong its scary. And I could totally see Ruffalo killing it

What are your thoughts? What do you the Hulk is doing after Avengers 2? Last time you saw him he was flying the quin jet all alone maybe he's headed to own destiny. But that's just a theory. I guess we'll find out what's up in 2016.


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