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marcus mcmillon

Static Shock is a character who seems to never catch a break. He has had two title cancellations. Although personally, I have no idea why it was cancelled. The New 52 arc was excellent. Now he is being left out of DCs DC YOU titles. What's next for Static?

Well it's been long rumoured that Syfy channel will purchase the rights for a tv series.

Now if this happens, I will be happy but slightly cautious. Syfy series do not tend to last long on Syfy anymore. Eureka was atime the peak of its ratings but Syfy still cancelled it. Sanctuary was building up a fanbase but again Syfy cancelled it. Static needs to hit the ground running. Because if not, he will probably be cancelled aswell.

However, if he is done right his potential is onwards and upwards. He is a young genius with connections to S.T.A.R labs. His powers enforces magnetic electrical charge. Basically he can use electricity and turn it solid.

I hope Syfy, if true, make a great Static Shock series.


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