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SPOILERS of course!

So far, we have talked about and PROVEN how we saw Jon Snow's death coming in the Game of Thrones season 5 finale. If you haven't watched our previous video, check it out.

Now we have went through some important lines given to us in the show, and are confirming on Jon Snow's return in season 6, so all you lovely people can stop worrying.

(If we are wrong, we welcome you to come back to this post/video and spam us.)

Episode 6 of Season 2, Qhorin Halfhand (after he gives you the lines of Jon's death) also says that, "His death will be a gift to them south of the wall."

NOW THAT'S IMPORTANT! That should confirm more theories on what Jon Snow will become after his return in season 6 (eg. possibly warden of the north)

The video below goes into detail, the most important line being from Samwell Tarly, don't worry about Jon, "he always comes back."

Be sure to stay tuned for the information we have about Tyrion Lannister coming soon.

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