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I'm not the kind to go into complete panic mode when the season of a show ends and I'm told I'll have to wait a bit for the next one to air. I'm usually very calm about it. After all, the show should take all the time it needs to assure that the next season is to my and the other viewer's standards. So of course I don't panic at something as silly as having to wait for the next season—

Ok that's a lie, I do it all the time! Every show I watch has put me in a state of disarray and mental torture by taking "a few months off"! I need the next season now, not next fall! NOW!

Sadly, every show does this, for the obvious reason of having to actually film the next season. But no show does it worse than BBC's Sherlock. That glorious show gives its fans hours of action, suspense and thrills! Then, it doesn't just take a few months off, no, it takes years! YEARS!

Season 4 of Sherlock, following the sleuthing detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty Dr. Watson, won't be airing until early 2017. That's two years from now for those keeping count. Honestly, if it weren't for the upcoming Christmas special set to air this December, I probably would have exploded from Sherlock withdrawal.

Earlier today, the first promo image for the special was released. It obviously left fans clamoring for more! Luckily, executive producer Steven Moffat and the Sherlock crew didn't disappoint. Today at the Sherlock Comic-Con Panel, a clip of the special was unveiled.

The Sherlock Special (as it's being called) is set in Victorian England, as you might have guessed from the insane amount of tweed in the trailer. The Victorian era is where the story of Sherlock first started so many years ago, during the 1800's. The special will be paying homage to roots of the Sherlock mythology, while also introducing that special flair that only Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson could bring along.

The special is non-canon, meaning that it won't tie in to season 4 or the main Sherlock story. But fans can rest easy knowing that it will still essentially feel like a BBC Sherlock episode.

The special will air sometime this December (hopefully) on BBC. But that's not all! It was also revealed at the San Diego

panel that the special will be making its way to select theaters around the world! Truly the only way to witness the (sort of) return of the 'World's Greatest Detective'!

Not much is known about the plot however, but stay tuned for more SDCC details!


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