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Jacob Ryan C-E

We all have heard of or know the Columbine High School Massacre. Where Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold entered into their school. Killing twelve students, and one teacher. With the two taking themselves out last. If you've heard all of what I've mentioned, then I'm positive that you've heard of The Basement Tapes. The Basement Tapes were a collection of five home-video tapes, recorded on [possibly] a Sony CCD-TRV16 Camcorder. For a while these tapes were held under the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for a long time from the public. Recently these Basement Tapes have been destroyed [except for the transcripts]. Due to the fear of causing inspiration on future shooters. Why am I mentioning Columbine, you may ask. Because this event was the inspiration for Director Ben Coccio. Being just in a Brooklyn pizzeria on April the 20th, 1999 [which was when the event happened]. Watching the event being unfolded on the news. But what really struck him was how Eric and Dylan have planned, and pre-meditated their attack. So Ben was determined to direct his film in a way none-other has done: Zero Day.

Zero Day (2003) is a found-footage style film that revolves around two High School students Andre Kriegmann, and Calvin Gabriel's plan on attacking their High School under the name: Zero Day. Originally the two were going to attack on the day where the temperature hit zero degrees. However the two rescheduled their attack on May the 1st, 2001. While preserving their code-name, because they wanted their attack to be memorable. From beginning up until their attack, the two boys take us under their wing [the camcorder, possibly a Sony CCD-TRV model]. Preparing, Planning, And Explaining to us, even as far as guiding us with tips, and tricks on how to plan for an attack like theirs'. Throughout that time as well, the boys toggle from impression management with their families, and friends; to revealing their darkest, and truest colours only the camcorder is seeing. The effect of how narcissistic Andre and Cal are, really have made me feel like I was treated symbolically like an inanimate object [a camcorder] that had no purpose. Other than observing their planning, pre-meditation, and explanations. But it made the film more real, because I [the camcorder] wasn't moving unless either Andre or Cal took me under their wing. And under their wing, was an experience of adrenaline-raged teenagers looking for more than revenge. Immortality with taking the advantage of the media. Presumably why they owned me [the camcorder] as their source for immortality.

The film was made in 2001, but had an unfortunate two-year delay. Due to the September 11th Attacks. Ultimately being released in 2003, which another film was released, and was not based--but inspired by the Columbine High School Massacre: Elephant (Gus Van Sant). Now Elephant is not a found-footage film, nor any interests into anything prior to the massacre. Instead Elephant is more of a drama style film, just slowly taking us into the event. Whereas Zero Day, takes us to the event. But not without giving us a spine-tingling guide with tips, and tricks on planning an attack. The film really scared the shit out of me, because of how real it looked. As well as how real it felt. It didn't have Tom Savini-style practical effects, but it just looked so real you'd think that Zero Day happened, and as far as believing it was planned. To be true, I've seen videos on YouTube that have confused the Zero Day Library CCTV-Surveillance Footage for the Columbine Cafeteria CCTV-Surveillance Footage. Which is why I put the two event's footage side-to-side. [Image is simply above]. And to clarify it all for the billionth time: Columbine was caught on April the 20th, 1999. Within the Cafeteria [possibly RCA branded] CCTV-Surveillance Cameras. The footage duration is about three-and-a-half hours! The time-stamp is hopefully some evidence that will clarify the difference for you. Organised as, "L 11:57:20-63 AM 04/20/99" On the other hand, Zero Day was "caught" on May the 1st, 2001. Within the Library [possibly Sony CCD-TRV model camcorder, or] CCTV-Surveillance Camera(s). The footage duration is roughly sixteen minutes. That's it. The time-stamp for this footage is way different from the actual Columbine time-stamp was organised, "MAY 1 2001 LIB 6 10:05:20 AM"

It is a concern to have when you confuse the two images [above] on which one if the real footage. It's obvious, and I'm afraid to break it to you [again]: The one on the left is the real footage, and on the right is the footage from the film. Okay? My emphasis on that confusion wasn't any bit of irritation, but more of a shock to me. Simply because I've never seen a film so real, so controversial, so ballsy. That people have, and still are mistaken Zero Day for the actual Columbine event. Until they've finally got it correct. If you're into found footage, and want to override the yawning tiredness of people bitching, I'd say go for it.


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