ByAlejandro Roman, writer at
I've known all about hero's movies since I was born

So we know in the end of avengers 2 that the avengers added new additions

Now that there avengers after the events of civil war could we consider them new avengers with different members.

Obviously wolverine is not going to be and there's no news for sentry or spider woman. But after Steve and Tony fight we don't know if someone will go into hiding. If someone is in hiding someone will need to show the world the avengers are safe. So there's room for someone like falcon to lead ant-man, spidey , scarlett witch and everyone else. And if not falcon maybe war machine can lead the new avengers. My theory is that while someone is in hiding the new avengers without stark or Rogers will be there until a bigger threat appears thanos shows up threatening the new avengers they fight get there butts kicked go into hiding then Steve of stark come back and they all team up again with the guardians and everyone else. But after that will the world finally be safe or will hero's fight again. Whatever happens us fans will know it will be good cinema.


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