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I have been in a Fan Casting kind of mood, and this is a character that I always found interesting, and if done right for once could be a huge success film-wise. So I want to try my hand at fan casting the X-Men Series favourite Cyclops.

10. Dan Stevens:

It's Cousin Matthew!
It's Cousin Matthew!

Dan Stevens is a terrific actor, ranging from Downton Abbey to many other performances on stage. If he could pull off an American accent, I believe he would make a great Cyclops.

9. Jared Padalecki:

Padalecki has been consistently amazing as Sam Winchester on 'Supernatural'. For an ideal Cyclops, we need an actor who is not only handsome, but can pull off smart and somewhat nerdy at the same time, Padalecki would nail this role.

8. Scott Eastwood:

Eastwood has been rising the ranks of fame, being one of the greatest movie actor ever's son doesn't hurt it either. But, he has proved that he isn't just Clint's son, he also delievered a very heartwarming performance in 'The Longest Ride.' If Fox wanted to play off of James Marsden's bad boy portrayal, Eastwood would be a perfect replacement.

7. Robbie Amell:

Despite it's very low ratings, The Tomorrow People, in my opinion was a fantastic fun show. It was fun and fast paced and had a very compelling story. There was a bit of sub-par acting that more than likely led to it's demise. Despite some of his co-stars not being very great, Robbie always brought it 100% every episode. If he could bring that naive spark to a role like Cyclops then it would be great. Also his portrayal of Firestorm on 'The Flash' he played a very intelligent character that would also help his performance as Scott Summers.

6. Richard Madden:

He was so, so good as Robb Stark and could bring so much to this role. Plus, he even has a very passable American accent, as you can see in a miniseries he made entitled, 'Klondike.' He can play sharp witted, a bit naive, and could really nail this role given the opportunity.

5. Luke Bracey:

Very, very talented actor. He is probably best known for his portrayal of Cobra Commander in GI Joe, replacing Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He has a very good American accent as well as the acting chops to pull off Cyclops. Plus, he looks quite a bit like the titular character.

4. Garrett Hedlund:

Hedlund is a rising Hollywood star, deservingly so too. He nailed it as Tron, and his performance in Unbroken blew my mind. He is a rare talent and needs to be casted into a comic book role before he gets to an unlikely age for one. Scott Summers could be the perfect role for him, he present all the qualities in his acting that points towards it. I'm excited to see what comes of this talented young guy, because he's on a fast track for success.

3. Alex Pettyfer:

This choice is mainly because of his role in, 'I am Number Four.' He was so incredibly good, plus he basically played a mutant from an X-Men universe. He was learning about himself, and finding out things that we would've never imagined. He could perfectly bring that to a role like Scott Summers. He has the physicality to play a comic book role already. If this guy was given a shot at Cyclops I doubt he would disappoint.

2. Zac Efron:

Regardless of what people want to say about Efron, he's become a great actor. In fact, he's incredibly underrated, because people only know him from High School Musical or Neighbors. He's more than that, he has played in dramatic roles such as 'The Paperboy', 'Charlie St. Cloud', and 'Parkland'. He can bring a lot to a role like Cyclops. I have a weird example but it works, In 17 Again he played a young man confused about who he was. Very similar to how Scott Summers is constantly trying to figure out what he is or how he'll deal with it. I'm just saying Efron could pull it off, no problem.

1. Joe Dempsie:

Once again, a fantastic Game of Thrones actor. He has a very Scott Summers like look. He has the physicality part of the role down, there are a couple of worries I have, like his ability to pull off an American accent and his ability to play a charismatic role like Summers. But, if he could nail those parts of it down then he would make a very good Scott Summers.


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