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"Minions" is the spin-off of the "Despicable Me" franchise and instead of staring the yellow creatures alongside Gru, they get their own self-named film with the primary three minions as the stars.

Most importantly, "Minions" maintains a lot of the comedy they offered in the first two "Despicable Me" films, mainly when the humor is off to the side and just random silliness. That's what worked for "DM" and that's when most of the jokes here worked the best. The ones which were simply thrown at the audience to get a laugh fell a little flat for me. I let out the occasional giggle or two, but when it wasn't humor that caught me off-guard, it didn't work.

The visual effects in this film continue to look great. They perfected this with the first two "DM" movies and, while it isn't really noticeable, the minions do look at bit crisper. A small improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.

Scarlet Overkill, the film's villain, works as your typical villain. She's a superstar in the villain world, but she doesn't do a ton which is "evil." She's not Joker level evil or anything. They do try to humanize her a little bit with a quick ten second backstory somewhere in the middle which was never really touched on to a large extent again, but, while funny at times, Overkill falls kind of flat as a character; very black and white in regards to motives, only further proving the point of the coming paragraph.

Before that, the ending worked nicely and was probably the best part of the film. While largely predictable, the final scene was a treat and very enjoyable. The first part of the end credits are worth sticking around for as well.

Now, more than anything, my biggest issue with this film is that it's the first kid's film in a long time to truly feel like a stereotypical kid's film. Maybe it's because I've been spoiled with great kid's films with underlying themes which adults can relate to, such as "Inside Out," "Frozen," and "Big Hero 6," but "Minions" just ultimately felt like a very simple movie with a very basic premise. There are no large twists, no important life lessons, nothing people over the age of 14 can really relate to or gain from watching the film. The real chance to do that would have been with Scarlet Overkill's character. Had they made her a more villainous Gru-like character with a backstory which explained her actions and perhaps had us rooting for her at some point, then I think it would have worked nicely. But instead it kept her very flat, typical, and predictable, and that worked ultimately as the film's downfall.

Kid's will enjoy "Minions." A lot of them in my theater were laughing throughout it so if you're a parent take your kid to see it. But if you're a childless adult like myself, it's probably not worth your time unless you're a massive fan of the minions.

But those are my thoughts. Let me know yours in the comments below!

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