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Justin JJ Martin

With my three Anti-Heroes the post-apocalyptic world be vacation land. Won't be caught lacking one-liners! We got this!

1) Snake Plissken (Escape from New York)

Snake is a 1 man Army, and an old school Bad Ass! He is a former Special Forces operator/war hero turned criminal. He has a loose code of honor , very cynical and willing to do anything to survive. He is short and stern in his speech, and holds nothing sacred or even important.

2) Ash Williams ( Army of Darkness)

Tough, resourceful, innovative, and a real smart ass! Need I say more? Groovy!

3) Tallahassee

When its time to "Nut up or shut up" even Daryl Dixon needs a hero.

A real redneck badass with class just made for the apocalypse. He could even be the moral compass for the post-apocalyptic.

Bring it on!


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