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Emilia Clarke is in the process of trying to build herself up as a movie star when she isn't busy playing the dragon whisperer on Game of Thrones. Right now she is playing the role of resistance fighter Sarah Connor in a new Terminator trilogy and will stay in the role for two more films. Terminator Genisys has raked in enough money at the box office to warrant a sequel and secure a steady paycheck for the game of thrones actress. When the film series concludes she will still be on the hit HBO show but she might want to continue pursuing film roles to grow her fan-base and establish herself in mainstream film actress. Many of her fellow cast-members have already broken into mainstream film and will be appearing in major block-busters and big budget movies for the next few years, so the question is what other genres would Clarke be willing to tackle?


Horror films have become somewhat stale as a genre and there are only a few films that are considered gems in the era of the modern horror film. Horror films have also become a right of passage for many young actors and we have seen this trend go on for years, even some of the top actors now have starred in horror films and the tradition is still going. Some of you might think that Clarke is too good to star in a horror film even though she is still developing as an actress and is free to pursue film roles that peak her interest. Clarke has yet to star in a horror film so this could be an interesting change of pace for her, plus it wouldn't be hard to imagine her screaming and running for her life as she gets chased by a CGI ghost or a relentless slasher villain.

Comic book movies

Clarke has already been fan-casted for multiple comic book movies, when will she do one for real? Should Clarke decide to join a comic book movie she might be courted to join the DC or Marvel camp. The DCCU is just starting to gain momentum and that means we will be seeing alot more of their film slate for upcoming movies. DC is on the look out for potential actors and actresses to cast in their movies which presents a promising opportunity for Clarke if she was on their radar. Marvel is still going strong but some would say they are going downhill. Clarke could help add to marvel's pool of actors since many fans have been clamoring to see new faces and characters in the movies. If Clarke wants to try something else then she'll be happy to know that there are other comic book movies that aren't associated with these two companies.

Another action franchise

With so many action franchises floating around in the hollywood pool it would be easy for Clarke to simply join another action franchise after Terminator concludes. She has already proven that she can act tough and do a majority of her own stunts. Clarke could even be a contender for the title role in the Tomb Raider reboot which is currently in development.

As Emilia Clarke continues to climb the fame ladder she will have more options to choose from and more projects to get involved in. All the options listed here are just possible paths that Clarke could take if she decides to pursue them. She is still progressing as an actress and will have more chances to do larger films in the future. Overall she still has time to make a name for herself outside of Game of thrones as long as she picks roles that play to her strengths while also choosing roles that will challenge and push her to perform at a higher level.


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