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Brace yourself, bad puns are coming.
Aayush Gupta
The year is 2134, and the post-apocalyptic landscape that had been the backdrop of so many of your favourite films has now become your world.

Jeez, already? Guess Global Warming was a lot more serious than we thought). But the problems don't end here...

Water is scarce, the deserts are endless and there is a steady stream of deranged outlaws on your tail. To stay alive and maintain any hopes of rebuilding civilisation you've got to team up with the absolute best. So, who's in your post-apocalyptic survival team?

Only the best combination of people working together as a team will survive the apocalypse. So, here are the 3 people in MY team!


Fear Me!
Fear Me!

Remember this? Yes, its that scene from The Lord of the Rings. A glimpse of the power Galadriel wields. Galadriel is the wielder of Nenya, the Ring of the Adamant, one of the three rings in possession of the Elf-Lords, which provides her with tremendous power. She fought Sauron (and the Nine Ringwraiths) off from Dol Guldur single-handedly. She will definitely survive the Apocalypse, and I fear for the bandits on her trail!


You sure you want to fight?
You sure you want to fight?

Zatanna is an extremely powerful magician and sorceress in the DC Universe. During Darkseid's invasion of Earth, she was called upon by the Justice League, and was a key contributor in defeating his forces. Her powers include control over the 4 elements (fire, earth, water, and air), control electricity, lightning, telekinesis, telepathy, force fields, healing, teleportation, and many more. That means, she will be able to provide food and water for survival, and also beat up any criminals looking to kill others!

Hermione Granger

(Some weird but super awesome and effective spell)
(Some weird but super awesome and effective spell)

Do I really need to explain a lot here? She is good in a fight, knowledgeable beyond comparison, and plus that little tiny bag of hers we say in the Deathly Hallows movies can fit almost anything inside it.

So, thats my Apocalypse survival team of female heroes.


What do you think, will I survive?


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