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'The Simpsons TappedOut' is like 'The Sims' but in the town of Springefield. There is over 100 characters in the game (7/10/15). But if ya a big fan of the Simpsons (LIKE MEEEEE) you'd want all the town of Springfield.

Heres are characters that need to have a spot in the game

(Yes it's a list lol)

*****PART ONE*****


•Sam & Larry (the other two main drunks at Moe's bar)

They haven't really been shown lately but they are a main bar drunk

•Charlie (Homer's Co-Worker)

Last time we saw him, he was sucked into a tube and dropped into another country. He has been shown in 2-3 more eps but that was it

•Troy McClure (Actor)

From what iv seen posted by Matt, the voice person for Troy passed away. It'll still be cool to have him in the game.

•Arthur Crandell & Gabbo (doll)

They haven't been shown in forever BUT they were funny

•Danger Dog

He was only shown once on a tv show Bart and Lisa Simpson were watching. I think he would have been ideal for the 'TappedOut' superhero update.

•Birch Barlow

He was a jackass and nobody really liked him but he should have came with the republican building.

•Bill and Marty

Radio host to the 'KBBL radio station'. I was VERY surprised they didn't come with the building.

•Ernst & Gunter (With the white tiger)

Just two Vegas guys trying to find work. They've been shown in Springfield a few times. So let's keep them in Springfield.

•Lionel Hutz

We need a dorky lawyer in town

•Mary Bailey

VERY surprised she hasn't made the game yet. The Mayor is the joke in town so let's bring the State Gov. back

•Ms. Botz

OMFG WHY DON'T WE HAVE HER YET?!?!?! For all you young fans, she is the EVIL BABYSITTER of Bart and Lisa Simpson. She was only in the last ep of season one. Also shown on a few 'Wanted' ad's. A 'ASAP' person to add!!

•E-Mail & Ham

Let all the nerds come back. We haven't really seen them in the show in a good while. Friends of Lisa Simpson.

•Doug & Benjamin & Gary

Some more nerds. They got kicked out of school cause of Homer Simpson

•Alexis Whitney

Just a cool girl from school. Lisa Simpson needs more people to try to be friends with

•Patches & Poor Violet

Haven't been shown in a long time so we don't know what's going on with them. They were part of the Springfield orphanage. Returning?

•Ethan Foley

Been gone from the show for a long time now (don't know why). He should make a appearance.

•Wendell Borton

Whatever happened to him? He used to be shown a lot now he's gone. Wendell Borton always threw up (if ya didn't know). And really, he's the ONLY white person in the town. Anyone knows what happened?


She should have been in the game forever ago. Belle is the owner of 'The Burlesque House'. Nuff said...BRING HER IN THE GAME ALREADY LOL!!!

•Delivery Guy (Unknown real name)

This person is in many stores trying to sell stuff to Homer Simpson. We don't know his real name.

So do you agree theses people need to return to Springfield?

Check out Part Two !!!!!



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