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Being one of the unlucky people not to get a badge, I was a little upset that I wouldn't get the FULL Comic Con experience. Yet once I heard about the events around the Con, my joy came back and I was happy to even be able to see the convention center. Upon my morning drive from Anaheim to San Diego, I patiently waited as we approached the area.

Then after paying a 40$ parking (which was actually worth it), my family and I took off to journey into the "OUTER" Con. To my surprise, there is actually a lot of support from the areas all around the Con.

For starters...

Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter is the 40 block area in front of the Con. Within this area there are many restaurants, shopping centers, and businesses. But since the Con has such a big impact on the area, everything - EVERYTHING - is themed in order to please fans. From the Hard Rock Hotel styling out its restaurant area to the design of SyFy's latest shows, to the Grand Hyatt hosting a pop cultured fashion show. Every single block will at least have one sign or one painting either referencing Star Wars or Marvel.

For the areas right next to the Con, they are doused with heavy nostalgia and themed out to the max. From the Starbucks behind the convention center showing Star Wars all day and being called 'STAR BUCKS,' to the monorails being decked out in the form of upcoming TV shows (Scream Queens, Conan Takes on Comic-Con, and The Muppets). Each restaurant within the Quarter had either a themed menu, a cosplayed faculty, or even a a discount for any one holding a badge to the Con.

Behind the Con

AHS Hotel Experience
AHS Hotel Experience

From the back of the Con there were more and more exciting surprises. Adult Swim set up a small carnival area for some of the fans. Which, in my opinion, was pretty exciting. Then one of my favorite areas was the FX Fearless Arena. This year it was themed with a virtual walkthrough maze from The Strain, a close look at AHS Hotel, and a new encounter maze from FX's The Bastard Executioner.

Even though there wasn't much this first Preview day still made me happy. I was able to see people be themselves and cosplay as whomever they pleased. And most importantly, my family learned to love what I love and considered coming back again. For that, I am happy!

As Day 0 comes to a close, Day 1 starts tomorrow and you know I'll be there. Hopefully, I'll be able to get in somehow... someway, but until then, I can only admire from the outside.

Were you at the Con? Were you able to explore inside? Let me know on the comments below!


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