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Earlier today, I was thinking about Jeremy Irons, and how he played Scar in The Lion King, and is now playing Alfred J. Pennyworth. Since (in a manner of speaking,) is playing Alfred, I asked myself "Who could James Earl Jones be in the DCCU? After all, since all we have experienced with Iron's role as Alfred by his voice, then James Earl Jones must have a voice worthy of some character in the DCCU.

Then a thought can to my head. A strangely cliche thought, yet something that no one has thought of until now (that I know of):

What if James Earl Jones Played the Role of Darkseid

From article on IGN by Yazan Baran Köse
From article on IGN by Yazan Baran Köse

Now my Fancast may be a little naive, since my experience with Darkseid is next to none, and I'm not all too familiar with his backstory. However, with what I do know about Darkseid, I do think that he would be great for the role. Darkseid would have a deep voice (which Jones has clearly demonstrated in roles like Darth Vader and Mufasa), and he would most likely be CGI, which makes Jones both a possible choice and a great choice. Also, it would be really cool for Darth Vader to face off against the Justice League (James Earl Jones, that is)!

So what do you think? Should James Earl Jones play Darkseid in the DCCU? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

Note: I'm aware that the DCCU was officially labeled DCEU (DC Extended Universe), however not everyone is aware of it, as well as the fact that DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe) is a little easier to understand.


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