ByTrevor Bunch, writer at

You wake up tied to a chair in a bloody torture room in an insane asylum a female silhouette approaches you. You wake up again This time in your bed you hear a noise in the kitchen you see the female silhouette again. You wake up again this time in your dead mother's bed and you see the female silhouette again. You wake up again this time with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Then you realize you don't have one. then you see the silhouette again you wake up again you freak out you wake up again she's not a silhouette she's a naked white figure that looks like the grudge without a face. Instead of a face she has a big empty hole with teeth that looks like one of those giant leeches from king kong. you remember those things right? anyways that's what her face looks like. You wake up again in an insane asylum with a straight jacket on. you are in sleep paralysis she then crawls up on your bed. as she crawls onto you you wake up again and realize that it was just sleep paralysis and then you wake up again in a fetal position frightened and going insane because you don't know when this nightmare will end. You go into the kitchen to try to kill yourself with a kitchen knife and you see the figure again and then you wake up again. You now realize that this figure is what is making you wake up over and over. You find her again. She has a face and she looks like your sister. You know the one that always beats you up for no reason? You wake up again inside the torture room again she is a silhouette again. This is nsane. You realize I spelled that weng. You realize I spelled that wrong too. You wake up again. This time inside your badroom. You realize I spelled that wrong. You just checked back to see if I did. You wake up again. Inside your bedroom you walk to the kitchen but close your eyes to make sure you don't see her. You wake up again because you closed your eyes in a dream. You are going insane. It is okay. I am here for you. If you are going through deppression and need help add me on facebook Trevor Bunch. I will help you with your deppression.I will even be your emotional punching bag and I will be your human diary/journal. I will be your counselor. One that you can trust one that will listen to you. You have my word that everything we share together will be strictly kept between you and me. I am a man of my word. I will do my best to keep you from killing yourself and going to hell. I hope you enjoyed this story and I hope you will add me and talk to me.


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