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Since this is my 90th article for Moviepilot, I decided to go with a piece that is actual news mixed in with my opinion on the subject matter. I hope you like it. Now on with the article.

It has been announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Marvel's [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) season 3 will feature the Secret Warriors. But, who exactly are these Secret Warriors and how will they play into the Marvel TV Universe? I checked into these questions using my handy Marvel Encyclopedia and came up with ten known members of the team(s), some of which have already been in the show or at least mentioned (themselves or Family Members) over the course of the show's run. I am listing the known members of the group below along with how they have been or my personal opinion on how they may be introduced in the show. *This article may or may not contain spoilers, proceed with caution and an open mind*


Several people have mentioned in the comments that Gordon (Jamie Harris) was killed in S.O.S. Part 2, a fact of which I am well aware hence the "going out on a limb" remark when mentioning him in the article below. However, as we all know if Mr. Harris wishes to return all they have to do is say Coulson or even Daisy had him put through Tahiti and healed him. As far as brainwashing goes when going through that protocol, It hasn't been stated that everyone is brainwashed while undergoing it and even if that is the case Inhumans may not be able to be brainwashed. So, they have him go through Tahiti, come to, see Daisy and Lincoln, find out Daisy's mom was bad and was killed by her ex-husband and Daisy is the leader now, then join her in SHIELD at least until they introduce Lash (maybe even have Gordon take her to see Blackbolt/Medusa while explaining that she isn't the Inhuman leader, but more the leader of one offshoot of the Inhumans).

*End Update*

1. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)- As we all know who have seen The Avengers or Agents of Shield, Nick Fury is the Director of SHIELD and was thought dead for a time. In the comics (which I know they don't always follow) he uses that "Downtime" locating and assessing the Value/Threat of "powered people". He starts recruiting some of those people for the Secret Warriors, including his own son (for more on that see Mikel Fury below). Now since he is already a recurring guest star on the show, AoS can keep this as it is with Mr. Jackson playing in more episodes or They can make Coulson the mastermind of the group (using the scene at the end of S.O.S. Part two where he tasked Skye with finding and bringing into the fold other powered people) and still keep Mikel in play by having Mr. Jackson make an appearance or two while introducing the Actor playing that role. Either way works.

2. Quake/Daisy/Skye (Chloe Bennet) - In the comics as in the show, Daisy is a Shield Agent, who due to being an Inhuman develops Quake-like powers. This is one of the members that we know are going to be on the show since she is a series regular and has been given this assignment by Coulson himself as is mentioned above.

3. Druid (Elizabeth Henstridge?)- This is one of those that I am going out on a limb on because in the comics Druid is a Male character. However, he is also an Alchemist and Gemma is a Biochemist on the show. Therefore it makes sense both financially and logically given how the series ended season 2 that she become Druid when she returns from within whatever that thing is during season 3.

4. Manifold (Jamie Harris)- This is another Character I am going on a limb for and saying he has already been introduced. In the comics Manifold's given name is Eden Fesi and he has the ability to bend time and space allowing him to teleport. Sound Familiar? That is why I believe that Gordon will be Agents of Shield's Manifold. It works because he is only known as Gordon on the show and they can have him discover that his "given" name is Eden Fesi, like how Skye just found out she is Daisy Johnson.

5. Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford)- As anyone who has seen "Captain America: Winter Soldier" will tell you Alexander Pierce is the Hydra Mole inside SHIELD that brought it down from within. This is true, however, in the comics he is a "Deep Cover" SHIELD agent who is actually helping destroy Hydra from within. He even leads one of the three "Secret Warrior" teams. If they can get Mr. Redford to agree to a recurring role on the show possibly even save more money/time by making him Phobos (Alexander Aaron in the comics) a character who can instill fear simply by looking into your eyes. Since phobos is killed by Hydra while on a mission in the comics it would make sense to have Mr. Redford come in for a few episodes during season 3, give him his team and then have Grant Ward kill him either in the series three finale or as the set-up for it.

6. Hellfire (J.T. James)- This character is almost a must have in the show this season, specially if they go with the plot mentioned above. Hellfire can channel Mystical Fire through a chain similar to Ghostrider and in the comics he is the team member that betrays SHIELD to Hydra and gets his team members killed or wounded, including Fury's son. This causes Fury to kill him in secret in retaliation for his son's death as well as the loss of his team. Even if they go with Coulson as the Mastermind of the group, it would still work simply by having Mr. Jackson come in after Coulson tells him his son is dead, figuring out what happened and killing Hellfire with or without Coulson finding out or simply have Coulson find out and kill him while protecting his friend/mentor from the truth.

7. Phobos (Alexander Aaron)- If they can't get Mr. Redford on board to play phobos, then the show will have to find some up and coming actor to play that role for the season and possibly kill him off setting up the end of season cliff hanger as mentioned above. My only issue with phobos is how does he get killed? He instills fear in everyone who looks into his eyes, so they would almost have to use Gordon to kill him since he can't technically see (in the same way Daredevil can't). As far as introducing him goes, I would say that they could say he is the brother of the little girl May killed in Bahrain and he could be after revenge or he could not know what happened until he is dying and may tells him out of guilt/remorse.

8. Mikel Fury/D'Alexis- He is the son of Nick Fury and Amber D'Alexis, who was a covert operative code-named Scorpio in the comics and is from a country called Carpasia. After his mother is killed Mikel becomes the new Scorpio and helps his country hold off an attempt by Hydra to take over the country. As I have said before if they want a good season 3 finale or build up to it then all they have to do is have Grant Ward (now in control of Hydra) kill Mikel while he and his team are on a mission or while defending his country and then have Fury come in and kill Hellfire for causing his son's death and if Brett Dalton's (Grant Ward) contract expires after season three there are worse ways to go then being killed by Coulson or Fury.

9. Stonewall (Jerry Sledge)- In the comics, Stonewall is the son of Crusher Creel and Titania and has both her super strength and his absorbing power. This would actually seem to be something the showrunners were planning on since Crusher Creel was in one of the episodes this season and Stonewall's introduction could also mean that Titania could make an appearance or it could have just been their way of giving back to the comics fans only time will tell.

10. Slingshot (Yo Yo Gonzales)- She is a speedster similar to Quicksilver and the Flash. I saved her for last for two reasons: one- Her father is John Horton (Griffin), who is mentioned by John Garrett as being the first prisoner he took to the fridge in the episode "Providence" setting up the possibility that she finds out about him and after finding out that Ward in Garrett's protege' joins SHIELD and goes after him to avenge her father and two- Because in the comics she loses both her arms in the Hydra attack that kills Fury's son, which means that they will either have to find an actress without her arms and use prosthetics or use Special Effects to make it look as though she has lost them if they follow the story line. They can always change it or not use the character (or most of the above for that matter with a few exceptions) at all.

There you have them, my list of the ten known members of the Secret Warriors. Of course, they can also add Mockingbird, Lincoln and Deathlok to the teams as well giving us a total of 12 members and the Director for three full teams. What do you think, could these be our "Secret Warriors"? if not, which characters do you think will comprise the groups? comment below and follow me on [email protected] if you like.


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