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Quincy Jackson

I saw this movie on Netflix. It had a one-star rating. On Rotten Tomatoes, there was no score and only eleven percent liked it. I was a bit more forgiving but, not by much. The movie had a good start. It was not till later things got really hazy with the story. It was good to a point that it took place in Ireland. That is where all the leprechaun folklore comes from. This was also where the movie fell short.A leprechaun is a type of fairy. For the most part, it is shown to be a little old man wearing a coat and hat. They are solitary beings who have hidden pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you catch one they have the power to grant you three wishes. That's if you let them go.Keep in mind the Leprechaun shows up in Irish mythology later on in the timelines. I felt This movie should have really dug in a lot more with the Irish folklore. What little bits they had was not enough to carry the story.It was too predictable. The way story should have been was like this. The scene should take us back to the ancient times. One figurehead for this would be the king of Ulster. His place in the traditional chronology is not certain so one could play around with this concept. Let's say somewhere along this time before he became king he had a strange life and death encounter with a leprechaun. This leads to a kind of friendship with this creature cause he saved him from something bad. However, he is told never reveal the existence of anything he has seen for it would doom for both races. This does not last long. Curiosity gets the best of young man one day when he finds a gold coin in the woods. It's finer than any gold that he has ever seen. Before he can take it a voice in shadows says that's not yours to take. The man young sticks to the claim that the gold is his. A deal is made later for the gold. The Leprechaun says if you can catch me I will give three wishes but if you lose you give the gold back. This would later reveal how the Leprechaun came to hate humans over the centuries. This would also talk about how he became evil to point where the four leaf cover would become his prison. It would be nice to mix up with other related races like the clurichaun and the far darrig since there part of Irish folklore too.

These two would not show up til later in the story Theirs would be somewhat like his. We just work it up til we get to the modern-day. Ireland. To stay true to Leprechaun movies we need the silliness but it needs to be darker than the old movies with some seriousness.

I look forward to hearing your comments.Thankyou.


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