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All together in one movie?
All together in one movie?

Rumor has it that 20 Century Fox and Disney / Marvel are in talks to bring the stars of [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) and The Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Fox has the Fantastic Four coming up then X-Men: Apocalypse, most likely that will be it for Fox, now we don't know if Fox is handing up the rights - most likely the thing will be just like Sony pictures. Sony still has the rights to Spider-Man but he's in though and have Sony Spiderman movies most likely same thing happening to Fox, while they be still holding the rights but there characters in the mcu. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four rumored to be in [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027) Parts 1 and 2 joining with a lots of other Marvel superheroes to fight against Thanos. It's also been said that wolverine himself Hugh Jackman always wanted to be part of the MCU along side Spider-man most likely Fox will be making him happy. Marvel don't have time to make any more X-Men or Fantastic Four movies but the best way to introduce the Fantastic Four in the mcu will be the Spider-man reboot. Both superheroes both being in New York teaming up will be excellent.

Marvel president Kevin Fiege has also said himself he wanted the X-Men which will cause problems for the inhumans, choices marvel can do they sell inhumans to dc or they changed that to the X-Men film and switch the dates of their phase 3 films, which allowing it could be ant man, July 17,2015, captain America civil war may 6 2016 , doctor strange 2016, marvels and Fox's X-Men movie 2017 ,guardians of the galaxy 2017 Spiderman reboot 2017 with fantastic 4 in it Thor ragnorok then avengers infinity war part 1 black panther,MS marvel avengers infinity war part 2 as the last marvel movie. Marvel and Fox teaming which mean for themselves is over powering dc for most fans will think dc throwing away batman v superman and quitting on movies. Speaking of dc everyone knows that they want to see and avengers vs justice league than avengers vs X-Men most fans will prefer see avengers and X-Men joining forces in the 2 part avengers infinity war movie. The avengers infinity war part 1 and part 2 is not and ordinary avengers movie the last marvel will try have all the marvel superheroes in so like

Captain America , winter soldier, iron man,hulk,Thor, scarletwithitch probably quicksilver war machine falcon vision til hes die ms marvel black panther ant man mabie docavengers ange guardians of the galaxy Adam war lock daredevil punisher luke cage iron fist Spiderman and maby Harry Osborne as new goblin wolverine storm beast Mr fantastic thing invisible woman human torch possibly silver surfer Scott collossis the wasp mabie magneto and Jean or mystique mabie gambit mabie Fox might keep him but mabie angel nightcrawler ice man Jessica Jones The rest of the X-Men possible black widow and Hawkeye along with all of shield and the whole entire world military so those all of the the mcu characters, Marvel has rights to all of their characters besides X-Men fantastic 4 and Spiderman but not all of their characters are in the mcu, marvel will have them through in the avengers infinity war naming spider woman wonder man swordsman black knight mantis hell cat tigra she-hulk spectrum starfox namor quasar red hulk sentry crystal and the rest of all of the avengers no anti hero's so bring all the marvel superheroes marvel confirmed.


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