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My Conversation with Doug Jones

Sunday night at 21:59 I’m sitting by my laptop getting nervous when I send the request to connect with Doug Jones. I’ve been a fan of Doug’s for a long time! So this was a big deal for me to get to speak to one of my idols about his career and what we can expect from the next chapter. But as soon as he answers his friendly face eases any nerves. He is exactly how you expect him to be, very expressive, genuinely funny and just a great guy to talk to. We went through the big upcoming news of the final series of Falling Skies, The Strain season two, Crimson Peak as well as other projects Doug has coming up, hopefully including Hellboy III. We get the background on the social media movement which has gained huge momentum in the hope of getting the Hellboy trilogy completed.

Doug’s passion for movies and his craft shines throughout the conversation. We also discussed his relationship with Guillermo Del Toro, their past movies and the characters they have created together.

During the conversation Doug and I also spoke about the future of practical effects in movies and how some of the magic on screen is created. It was evident Doug has a lot of love and respect for the make-up houses he has worked with and in particular some of his friends in the creative sphere.

Doug is a very humble and down to earth man considering some of the creatures/aliens he has played on screen. Not only does he do the blockbusters where he has made his name but his work ethic and love for telling great stories has also seen him star in short films, sometimes with the help of crowdfunding websites. My respect and admiration for Doug has only increased since our conversation.

After the interview I realised I said The Strain season two returns in July…That may be the case for the US but here in the UK we have to wait until August 26 got the best of me after all…I hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. After all it’s not every day you get to have a conversation with one of your favourite actors!

Thanks for reading/listening.

Links to all the things Doug mentions can be found here:

@actordougjones @ishootthedead Help Kickstart "Olive"

Falling Skies airs on Tuesdays at 21:00 on Fox.

The Strain returns on August 26

Crimson Peak hits cinemas on October 16

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