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This week's episode of Hannibal could be deemed a very elaborate anti-drug PSA, what with a number of characters indulging substances and not exactly coming out on top! You could also call it an anti-cannibalism PSA but if you've gotten this far and don't realize that, I'm really quite worried for you!

The characters built up over Season 3 FINALLY converge, and the true repercussions of the show are seen in S03E06, Dolce. There's a lot to break down, so let's get recapping Hannibal Season 3, episode 6!

Most Awkward Breakup Ever!

Bedelia Du Maurier gets a little more complex than she's been allowed to be so far, actually facing up to some of her bizarre actions. We start the episode with her getting her priorities straight and cutting things off with Hannibal. She doesn't use any of the cliche "it's not you, it's me" lines, rather opting for "I knew you were intending to eat me". See! If you want your partner to understand that you're just not right for them, suggest they were about to cannibalize you! They'll understand!

I don't think she's taking it well!
I don't think she's taking it well!

This does give us scenes of Gillian Anderson being totally wasted, and evading Jack and Will's questioning in the most brilliant manner! But wait, maybe she's not evading anyone's questions. It's never explained what that weird concoction was that she injected herself with. After the fact, she seems to honestly believe she's Lydia Fell, the wife of the scholar Hannibal killed. Could she be hypnotizing herself, literally injecting herself with an alibi?

Mason Verger dreams big!

Mason Verger continues to be far and away my favorite character on the show. He's got his hopes and dreams together more than anyone else, as we first see him literally practicing his hypothetical eating of Hannibal Lecter. There's a funny creepiness to him considering how Hannibal should be cooked. Should he be turned to finger food? Or roasted in honey like Peking Duck? Either way, Mason's dreams lead us to the brilliant image of crispy Mads Mikkelsen!

Spoilers for Season 9!
Spoilers for Season 9!

Joe Anderson continues to knock it out the park as Mason Verger, simply saying the word "transubstantiation" when thinking about eating Hannibal, and generally being leery towards his sister, Margot. You just can't watch a man who removed his sister's uterus propose having children with her by saying "come sit on Santa's lap", and not find it slightly hilarious in a horrifically morbid way!

Spontaneous sapphic sex scenes!

When Hannibal actually indulges overt sexuality, there's always an adherence to the aesthetic over the emotional implications, much has Hannibal Lecter himself would have! The completely out of the blue lesbian love scene between Alana Bloom and Margot Verger is no different, with the two revealed to be together in a kaleidoscopic dance of steaminess. Is it the sexiest thing I've seen on TV this year? I dunno, I've seen Sense8!

Almost SFW!
Almost SFW!

Some people might be inclined to complain that this sudden bout of passion was out of nowhere. Bloom and Verger have spoken about two words to each other this season. While I understand the aversion of such spontaneity, anyone who doesn't like this kind of scene for the sake of it should think about it like this. How much ACTUAL MURDER is depicted the same way? Screw people's sexuality not being telegraphed to the audience; how many times has someone's ability to take a life had the exact same treatment without anyone batting an eyelid?

Rage, Frustration and Forgiveness

So this episode allows us to finally see our two leads back together. Will sneaks up on Hannibal in a gallery while he's doing fan art, and simply sits down for a chat. It's amazing how natural Hannibal suddenly feels when he's talking to Will. The relationship of the characters is totally crazy and wacked out, yet Mads Mikkelsen is able to present an unexpected earnestness that unites the them once more.

What is this, True Detective?
What is this, True Detective?

For a moment, you think Will and Hannibal might actually walk off into the sunset as sexy homeless psychopaths, but then PSYCH! Will has been playing the long game, and has intended to kill Hannibal off right in the middle of Florence, but then PSYCH! Before he can put the knife to Hannibal, we see Chiyoh come along and ruin everything by shooting Will in the shoulder! This all leads to the moment the entire series has been building up to!

Hannibal finally has Will for Dinner!

As so clearly set up as this moment is, I still found this entire scene particularly tense! At any moment, I was expecting it to be revealed that Will didn't have hands, and that he was eating the finger food that Mason Verger was speaking of earlier. Things didn't get better, as Jack Crawford joined the fray and got captured within seconds. While I'm inclined to be annoyed at how Hannibal always wins, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some satisfaction in seeing the three men at the table together.

Oh you did it again, you scamp!
Oh you did it again, you scamp!

And then the show threw me a curve ball. Rather than Jack being eaten, we're treated to the particularly grim image of Will getting his skull cut into by a circular saw! Once Hannibal gets the power tools out, you know he means business! The show gets brilliantly psychedelic in that moment, yet Will and Hannibal somehow teleport to Mason Verger's farm, ready to be turned into Peking Duck. I suppose next week will have to explain that.

If you missed last week's recap, you can find it right here! Watch this space for more recaps of Hannibal Season 3!


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