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Goonies is a classic part of TV culture that set a standered for children's adventure movies. Memerable characters, a good plot and entertaining throughout. I don't venue have a goonies t shirt. It's given birth to modern films in the style of films like super 8,echo and so forth and I can even feel traces of the goonies in the pirates of the Caribbean. But the difference is, the goonies needed no specular effects, no monsters, no alien based story. No real myth, Other than a believe of a bunch of kids believing they can find treasure on a pirate ship, to save their home. Ok also maybe unlikely, but at the same time the story is driven by the characters and story alone without aid to break up any boredom. It truely shows what u can do. Without modern tech to pave the way through a good script. I may of repeated myself a couple of times, but I cannot stress enough that sometimes going back to basics sometime, is sometimes, if not more entertaining. Than all the effects in the world. I am still a fan, of cgi, and so many films have been made possible now because of this, I am in no way being detrimental to the Morden movie., but just trying help others, specially young kids that's it's not all u need. It's great to talk to. People online like friends or family, girlfriend /boyfriend. But it don't come close to a real hug


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