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Blake! You have some explaining to do!

In case you have never stumbled upon Blake Lively's Instagram, I will show you exactly what you're missing out on:

That's right. Lively enjoys meme-ing pictures of herself with hubby Ryan Reynolds.

The best part is that Ryan had no idea until just recently. During a recent interview in which he discussed his new film Self/Less, it was finally brought to his attention that his wife Blake posts some incredibly hilarious memes of him.

But when showed this very comical (yet incredibly accurate) post, Ryan actually became a little demure and blushed.

" all started with a spider" -Walt Disney

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This is actually just a scientific fact, we all already knew that has been proven time and time again.

His modesty just makes him all the more appealing!

Perhaps he hasn't seen this one yet?

Or how about this one?

Someone's been called out!

Notice how there is a clear absence of jealousy? Lively is so confident in their relationship, she just simply understands Helen Mirren's sexiness without being threatened.

And we all like her that way, yourself included Ryan!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds deserve all the fun and happiness in the world. Just keep it up with the sexy Ryan Reynolds posts. No one is asking you to stop, Blake!

[Source: Buzzfeed]


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