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As a young girl, I personally had fat crushes on all the Disney princes, and dreamed to one day find my own who would romantically whisk me off on his carriage into the sunset, living happily ever after in a castle with a closet full of princess gowns and royal feasts on the daily.

Now that I'm twenty-four years old, I realized that I'd rather find my modern version of a Disney prince: a respectful, feminist, vegan man who loves pitbulls, Harry Potter, and cooking, and who also has intense ambition and respect for his mother.

I've luckily already found him.

But don't get me wrong. I'd love to enjoy a romantic, yet action packed Disney film featuring a prince or two. Below is a list of live-action Disney flicks starring princes that aren't in the works, but really should be.

1. Wentworth Miller as Aladdin in Aladdin

Aladdin is a young street rat who survives on the streets of Agrabah by stealing food and other necessities. Although Aladdin has never had any formal education, he is incredibly street smart.

Although Miller may be much too old, there are sadly not a lot of Arabs in the film industry. I would prefer to cast an unknown, but for the most part, Wentworth Miller looks incredibly good for his age, and has also got a little Middle Eastern in him. Also, he's insanely handsome and very fit; he would do well in the scenes in which Aladdin must escape guards as he steals some food for himself and Abu.

2. Henry Cavill as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

Eric may be a prince, but he's no lazy, spoiled brat. His intense interest in the sea fueled his passion to become a mariner, and he can be in charge of a ship like it's no ones business.

Henry Cavill is ridiculously handsome, and we were all swept away by his performance (and looks) as Superman in Man of Steel. Plus image how blue his eyes are going to look against the turquoise seas? *Swoon*

3. Michael B. Jordan as Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog

Naveen may have been waited on hand and foot, but his parents finally do the right thing by cutting him off to stop his lazy partying ways. Although he may come off vain and pompous, he is actually a shy romantic guy with some insecurities.

Jordan is a handsome fellow with serious acting chops. He can play the drama of a scene, but can also be smooth and charming. I know he would flourish in a role like Prince Naveen.

4. Booboo Stewart as Li Shang from Mulan

Li Shang has a lot to prove as a general, as most consider him too young to lead an army to battle. Li Shang is incredibly focused, serious, and disciplined. He does have a soft side to him when he lets his guard down. Although a live action Mulan is supposedly in the works, I decided to still do a little casting of my own.

We first noticed Stewart in the Twilight series, and with those long flowing locks, he definitely looks the part of Li Shang. Although generally a soft-spoken, upbeat guy, I know Stewart has it in him to become the brazen and harsh Li Shang.

5. Liam Hemsworth as John Smith from Pocahontas

John Smith is a brave explorer who at first views the Native Americans as savages, only to discover that at the end they are kind people with their own thriving culture. He is caring and respectful, as well as determined and adventurous.

Hemsworth is not only swoon-worthy, but can also play the tough yet soft dynamic (re: The Hunger Games). Just imagine him atop a ship and then roughing it in the wild Americas. I can dig it.

I can already see it now. Film after film of all our favorite princes, looking handsome and behaving as courageously as possible.

Now, if anybody has Disney number, I'll gladly take it. I have some really awesome ideas if they were to actually do any of these tales as a live action film!


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