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Adults are often the ones with the Comic-Con spotlight shining straight on them but don't forget the littlest cosplayers out there. These little ones will seriously melt your heart when you see how cute they can cosplay, rivaling the awesomeness of the adult enthusiasts. Kids always give it their all with their bouncing enthusiasm at Comic-Cons and I have picked out a few of my most favorite mini-cosplayers.

It's time to shine the spotlight on the heart-melting cosplaying kids out there:

1.) Robin Hood

This adorable Robin Hood is the Sheriff of the Autumn forest. The outfit was made for this little one by Vintage Duck. How freakin' cute is he!?

2.) Frodo

I just wonder what mischief this cute little toddler would cause if he was able to vanish using that precious ring.

3.) Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

mental floss
mental floss

Aww, just look at these three! I think it's near impossible to find a cuter version of those color-changing fairies.

4.) Hawkeye & the Flash

comic vine
comic vine

Check it out, DC and Marvel really can work together! These two totally look the part.

5.) Edward Scissorhands

This is my personal favorite. I just LOVE Tim Burton and Cara Slifka has done a mighty fine job at creating this incredible Edward cosplay! How dang cute is he!? Kids have a new excuse to play with scissors now, just ask to cosplay Edward!

6.) The Joker

Holy hell, I would not want to cross this kid in a dark alley!

7.) Carl from Up!

The whole costume and everything friggin' else is just so heart-melting here! I can't handle it.

8.) David Bowie

Laughing Squid
Laughing Squid

Aw, look it's a baby David Bowie who is totally nailing the Ziggy Stardust era!

9.) Blade

If there are any vampires about, then this kid will be hunting them down!

10.) TIE Fighter from Star Wars

business insider
business insider

I love this cosplayer so much. The kid is totally rocking his wheel chair with this TIE fighter costume. But I dunno what's up with the people in the background, they should really be paying attention to this rad little dude.

11.) Chuckie

Yadira/Costume Works
Yadira/Costume Works

Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?

12.) Elliot with E.T.

I don't think cosplay gets any cuter than this! Bonus points if the parents figured out how to make him fly!

13.) Predator

This little one looks so cute as Predator. But, just look how shy he looks. Someone give him a hug already!

14.) Avengers


The Avengers assemble! How adorable are these mini-sized Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America? Mjölnir looks like a breeze to weild for this noble and worthy tiny tot.

15.) Harry Potter and Fluffy

Check out Fluffy, little Harry looks totally relaxed as the dog sprouts two extra heads. Hats off to this awesome creation!

Okay, my heart is officially melted now, and I am already plotting what I could dress my little cousin up as for Halloween. Or, better still, take her to her first Comic-Con and dress her up!


Which cosplay melted your heart?


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