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Recently French photographer Sacha Goldberg has completed a series unlike any other. Combining pop culture and art history he has turned some of our favorite comic book characters into 16th century art subjects in a series he calls 'Family Portrait.'

By blending "icons of American culture" and painters of the Flemish school he has managed to capture the "nobility and fragility of the super powerful of all times."

Take a look at what some of your favorite comic book characters (along with Alice from Alice in Wonderland) might have looked like if they were born in the minds of the Flemish painters a few centuries earlier:

Robin, Batman and the Joker

There's no denying that Batman and Robin have the look of nobility about them, with their beautiful capes, and Batman's neck ruff. The Joker also manages to look quite grand, though there's no denying his menacing side.

Wolverine and Batman

Wolverine and Batman, just two 16th century dukes doing their best to fight crime and look stylish while doing so.

The Joker and Robin

This is an odd combination of characters, though, oddly it works rather well. Robin's short pantaloons are a wonderful change from his usual underwear-over-the-tights look.

Han Solo and Princess Leia

What a handsome couple! Their garb hasn't changed too dramatically from what they donned in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, though Leia's rather low neckline reveals a whole lot more, thank goodness for that distracting neck ruff, right?!

Alice, the Joker and the White Rabbit

There's just something about this picture that makes me uneasy...Poor Alice almost bores holes into your skull with her eyes, as if she's pleading for someone to get her as far away from the Joker as possible!

Captain American, Wonder Woman and Superman

I love this trio! Capt. could totally get away with wearing his uniform in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and I wouldn't have the slightest issue with it! Wonder Woman looks like a beautiful but deadly Duchess, and the very Christopher Reeve-esque Superman looks like a proper gentleman in his suit and ruff.

The Hulk and the Joker

If Robin and the Joker looks like an odd pair, then I don't really know what to make of these two being seated together! The Hulk's pantaloons look like they might be quite a useful pair of clothing to hulk out in, and the neck ruff is all kinds of adorable. I kind of want to pet him.

Robin and Batman

A crime fighting team to be wary off!

Source: Dose via Sacha Goldberger


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