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(Warning: potential SPOILERS for Season 2 of Gotham lie below - so proceed with whatever level of caution your natural SPOILER-averseness suggests...)

The fall TV season may still be a couple of months away, but that doesn't mean we can't already get a jump start on the annual frenzy of plot speculation that blossoms between each and every September and May. Sure, a whole lot of our favorite shows may only just now be settling into next season's production, but that doesn't mean there aren't some huge reveals hiding out there in the far, misty reaches of the Internet.

Y'know, reveals like the fact that:

Cameron Monaghan Just Seemed to Confirm That He IS the Joker on Gotham

That's right: it may have been heavily hinted last season that Monaghan (of Shameless fame) was playing a character who would, eventually, become the show's Joker - but it was far from conclusively confirmed.

Now, though? Monaghan just posted this to his Instagram feed...


A photo posted by Cameron Monaghan (@cameronmonaghan) on

...and boy howdy, does that sure make it look like he's playing the Joker...

Could He Really Be Playing the Joker, Though?

After all, with Jared Leto soon set to bring the character to the big screen, many were suspicious that DC wouldn't want Gotham to introduce a competing vision of the character so close to Suicide Squad's arrival in theaters.

That being said, though - not only does that image make it seem an awful lot like Monaghan will in fact be playing the Joker, but Gotham head honcho Bruno Heller has been hinting at something strikingly similar recently, admitting to THR back in May that:

"We're going to find out how the hell Jerome, the proto-Joker we met earlier in this season, connects with the Joker as people know him...That's the big focus of the beginning of the second season. We're going to tell the story of how the Joker came to be."

Or, in other words? We might just have our Joker...or we might not...

Which is probably exactly how the Clown Prince himself would like it...

What do you reckon, though?

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