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When I was a kid I loved all the Filmation cartoons. I use to watch He-Man, She-Ra and of course Bravestarr. I loved the concept of the show. It had such depth that i was sad that it ended after 67 episodes.

Bravestarr was set in a planet called New Texas. It is a cross between science fiction and modern day western. The sypnosis of the western genre is there to see. It is based on a mining town that is the nucleus of the towns resources. The main protagonist is Marshall Bravestarr. Bravestarr is a Native Indian who abides by his culture but enforces the law. He has the powers of the animals that his people are connected to.

Bravestarr has the..Eyes of the Hawk, Strength of the Bear, Ears of the Wolf and Speed of the Puma.

So with all the fashionable reboots that are being made. Why not Bravestarr? As I said before, Bravestarr has depth to his story. Also he is Native Indian hero. That would be a great Image for proper Native representation.

Thundercats (like many) have been rebooted of late.

Bravestarr is a show that deserves to be retold.

Do you think that Bravestarr should be rebooted?


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