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That's right folks, one of the beloved actors from The Hunger Games franchise just spilled the beans (possibly) about an upcoming prequel/sequel movie. Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson all sat down in an interview with Conan O'Brien at his show from San Diego Comic Con, where he asked a question that apparently got an unexpected answer. When asked about a prequel or sequel to the current movies being made, one of these three stars blurted out: "There is." Which one of these stars was it?

Josh Hutcherson

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Josh Hutcherson, Peta himself, could have just blown the lid off of future Lionsgate projects involving The Hunger Games, and probably made the people who started his career want to fight him. After being asked about the possibility of a prequel or sequel movie, he plainly said "There is" without thinking about it. The fact that this response triggered such a reaction from his co-stars leads me to believe that these projects are being worked on, and later in the conversation Hutcherson stated that if they moved forward with the story, that he would like to reprise his role. While everyone thought that the franchise would come to an end, you should keep your hopes high for the continuation of this iconic franchise, and you can look at the interview where Hutcherson reveals this information by clicking this link.


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