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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
Moustapha Sayed

I know i am not allege able to enter this contest but i want to right it even though i'm not going to win. So the year is 2134 and the apocalypse has happened which means it's survival time. As we know the worst thing to do in an apocalypse is to be alone unless you're a total badass. If you had the opportunity to choose your post apocalyptic team it would be the greatest thing ever so this is mine

1) Riddick

When you look in the dictionary for the word baddass, you'll find Vin Diesel's name and picture and on of his most badass characters is Riddick. Riddick is a mercenary feaurian which means that he can see in the dark and use any weapon he can find. Therefore Riddick is an awesome member od the team

2) Wolverine

This guy is a monster with awesome claws and a healing factor which means that he can cut his way through anything and anyone and no matter what happens to him, he'll always heal.

3) Black Widow

You couldn't find a sexier killer than Black Widow, she's witty, handy, ruthless and sexy as hell. With her, you'll be safe and turned on in the same time.

This is my team for the post apocalypse and i wouldn't ask for a better team


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