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While I was scrolling down Batman v. Superman's IMDb page, I noticed that there are three relatively big name actors that have non-credited roles, and they are pretty high on the list, just below the confirmed cast. Chances are that no one will know who these men are playing until the movie comes out, but I would like to speculate on the possible roles of these men.

Callan Mulvey

One of the few actors to be apart of both the Marvel and DC universe (I bet you'll have to google who he played for team Marvel) Callan is the first name I saw that got me thinking. This guy was heavily rumored to play The Joker, but since Leto has taken that spot up, let's look at some other roles Mulvey could possibly play.


I know that this is the most common rumor going around right now, but isn't Mulvey spot on for the New 52 version of Metallo? He looks like the character ripped right off the page, and we know that there's got to be more conflict than Lex Luthor and Batman and Superman fighting. Not to mention, Zach Snyder mentioned that Metallo was going to be the main villain of Man of Steel 2, but the project got scrapped. He obviously has interest in using the character, so who says he can't use him in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?


There have been a lot of rumors about Doomsday being the main villain of the movie, and with the role still not officially cast, Mulvey is looking like a viable option. He's the only one of these men that is a serious and popular action star, and he would have potential in the role. Even though the character would be mostly CGI, Mulvey does have facial features that could resemble that of Doomsday's.


No, not the band
No, not the band

Once again, Mulvey really looks like the character. There could very well be a cameo from Steppenwolf and other of Darkseid's horseman, setting him up as the main villain for the Justice League (which I predict will happen). Not to mention, a supporting villain role would be the most believed considering Callan's level of fame.

Scoot McNairy

This guy is a usual cohort of Ben Affleck's, so it comes as no surprise that he will join the DCCU along side him. What is surprising is that his role is unlisted, so let's make some speculations.

Blue Beetle

This has been the most popular rumor as of late, and for good reason. Scoot McNairy could very well be the perfect casting choice for Blue Beetle. He's just the kind of person to bring this character on screen, and it's about time we see him.

Jimmy Olsen

Am I the only one that noticed Clark Kent's famous coworker missing from Man of Steel? While there have been set photos supposedly confirming Scoot in this role, nothing has been official, and IMBd still has him unlisted. Scoot is perfectly suited for this role though, and it's about time we see Olsen make his appearance in the DCCU.

The Riddler

OK, this one is more for me than any kind of speculation. The best Riddler we've seen to date has been Frank Gorshin's from the 60's, because Jim Carrey completely ruined the character. I would love to see the likes of Scoot McNairy take up the mantle, and give us a Riddler that's actually good. In the leaked set photos, Scoot has on green knee socks, so we can assume that part of his legs are missing, right? There has been theories that his character could be Jimmy, and have lost his legs in the battle between Superman and Zod, and my theory for Blue Beetle is that they put a spin on Ted Kord, and made it to where he can't walk unless he's in the suit, but what about a Riddler with no legs? It wouldn't take away from his so called "superpower" of intelligence, and would still make him a dangerous villain. Or Maybe the Riddler just likes green knee socks?

Bailey Chase

While he's not a very popular actor in the movie world, Chase has done some very popular TV shows, and it wouldn't be too far fetched to say he's playing a big role. While he may be a little too old to play a normal superhero, I have some theories on who he could be.


While Chase doesn't have the status for this character that I'd like, he does share the facial features and possibly the voice. Even though he's 43, Darkseid would be mostly CGI, and wouldn't be doing as many major stunts as some of the other characters. Darkseid not being listed could be very believable, especially if he's planned to be the main conflict of Justice League, which I predict will happen.


Chase has the look to pull off the old washed up vigilante/boxer, and he's not such a popular character that they would need an A-lister to do the role. I truly do hope we see a lot of the extended heroes like Blue Beetle and Wildcat in the DCCU, and it would be understandable for DC to pull out all the stops to compete with Marvel, who has been dominating the connected universe since 2008.

Green Arrow

While this might be a little bit of a stretch, I can't overlook the fact that Chase would make a good older Green Arrow. The Green Arrow that's not as old or disabled in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, but the same age as Batman, and grizzled from years of crime fighting, yet still an aesthetic billionaire playboy in a way. We could see the evolution of this character into what he is in the comic that the new Batman is based off of, and we all want to see Green Arrow in the movies.


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