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Benjamin Johnson Siebel

My first story should be about how amazing Jurassic World is or how Teminator Genysis made a movie with great charcter development and time travel done right.

However i am such a huge sports fan that i need to vent this out. My favorite NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks lost out on a player that would change the course of the team after he verbally agreed to join us. This should not bother me because it has happpened 3 times before with better players (Deron Williams, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard) none who have won a championship.

I tell you this because in hollywood roles get swapped on a seemingly monthly basis. Most recently Christian Bale turned down the role of Steve Jobs only to have Michael Fassbender take it and if the trailer is accurate, the film should give a more humorous and realistic tone than Jobs did a year ago.

Leading a movie with your acting ability is not drastically different than leading a team to a championship. The only difference in this case is the trophy at the end of the road, an Oscar. Christian would no doubt have cost more and since Steve brought on the younger yet still seasoned actor, they could afford the other dramatic performers that will make the ensemble cast much more cohesive.

This is going somewhere I promise. The best actors or actresses do whatever it is to get to their goal then take less money to surround themselves with different talented performers.

To parahrase Charelton Heston "Do shakespeare." Heston told that to Robert De Niro when the young actor asked him what he should do next in his career. Charelton had many typical roles before his role in the Apes movies and eventually Ben-Hur.

I want you to start thinking about what you mean to your team, whatever it might be. You might not be able to ask for more money. But you need to find your value and surround yourself with people who make you better. That is all.

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