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Mickey Mouse , Bugs Bunny , Spongebob Squarepants , Homer Simpson. These are the names of the biggest cartoon stars ever. The thing they all have in common is that they all made their dabue in the 20th century and they all had their big screen appearance. This raises the question - who's name is missing here ? I've been watching animation for well over two decades and I can conclude from the Disney classic's , Warner Bros short's and animation generation cartoons of the 1990's the one character who deserves his shot at a bigger and better sequel is Arnold from the series Hey Arnold! . I'm not going to lie to anyone , Arnold's movie dabue was a huge disappointment. The story did not work so the movie did not work. However the series conclusion "The journal" has left me wondering for over 10 years , how will Arnold's story end. I searched the internet , read articles , watched videos and still nothing has been useful. Like the thousands of fans who have produced fan made trailers , posters and videos, I seriously need this movie to get made. Unlike Spongebob, teen Titans Go , Adventure time and ever other fast paced , in your face comedy series- Arnold show has something different. Hey Arnold is a show that has far more emotion and heart - something that is in short supply in any form of film , now more than ever. The writing of certain episodes is stronger than anything produced for cartoons these days. Prehaps the only series (in recent years) that have the same amount of heart is the last airbender and the Legend of Kora. However given the horrific conclusion of the Legend of Kora , a redemption movie is what Nickodeon needs. I understand that Craig Bartlett and Matt Groening are brother in laws. Surly with Groening's financial input it would be possible to produce the film. However I know that it does not work that way. If there is any jutice in the world , Nickodeon will give Arnold's jungle movie the green light. In conclusion if the film ever gets made I beg to those who read this page- if you have any respect for Arnold and the creative team behind the show , you will buy the movie's dvd and not attempt to illegally download it. One day The Arnold Jungle movie will be on dvd , and on that dvd there's going to be a bonus feature video called "the road to the jungle" and will show what the creators had to go through to get the movie made. This was Gerhard Pistorius , one of Arnold's biggest fans.


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