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With the DCCU on the rise we have alot of films to look forward to in the coming years, one of those films is based on DC's aquatic ruler of the deep, Aquaman. While Jason Momoa has already been cast as the water-dwelling hero we have yet to hear casting announcements for other roles in the movie. Mera is one of the crucial character's to cast in the movie since she plays a pivotal role in the comics and will do so in the film. She may be relegated to being Aquaman's wife but she still manages to make an impression all her own. Her character is one of the fiercest female characters in the DC universe and is capable if going toe to toe with wonder-woman. Mera is loyal, caring, fearless, and determined. The actress that gets this role will have to be able to embody all of these qualities and characteristics. There are so many potential candidates for this role and the stakes are high, and with that here are some of the choices to consider:

Missy Peregrym might be one of the odd-ball choices on this list since her film resume is not very big but she is known for her role in the movie "stick it" that was praised for its humor and execution. Peregrym's most notable role is Andy on cop-drama "Rookie Blue". She would be an interesting choice for the role of Mera since she has yet to do a comic book movie or a huge blockbuster film. Peregrym has shown some acting range on Rookie Blue as well as showcasing her action chops.This would be a great way for her to make a big return to film, as well as a huge opportunity for her to grow her fan-base.

Alicia Vikander is currently one of the most sought after actresses in hollywood considering she previously had her name attached to Assassin's creed and The Circle, both of which she turned down. Vikander's role in Ex machina has made her a star beyond measure and has given her the chance to take on more complex characters. Vikander recently signed on for Bourne 5 and will be appearing in the Man from U.N.C.L.E. alongside our current kryptonian superhero Henry Cavill. Vikander has already displayed range as an actress but we haven't seen her do any action-heavy roles. She could already be on the radar for a role since she will be starring in a Warner bros film which establishes her ties with the studio, and since she is still a hot-topic in hollywood.

Jordana Brewster is another interesting choice on this list and has an interesting film resume that consists of the the fast and furious films. She also had a major supporting role in the "Chuck" tv series. Given her involvement with James Wan who will be directing the anticipated feature, she is another potential actress for the role. Since she has ties with the director there is a chance that Wan could vouch for her if she was interested in the part. Brewster also hasn't done a comic book film before so this could be charting new territory for her career if she were to snag this part.

Hannah Ware is an english model and actress who is known for very few roles. This year she will be starring alongside Rupert friend and Zachary quinto in Hit-man: Agent 47, an adaptation of of hit video game franchise. Ware has never had a major starring role in a film so the new Hit-man film will be a change of pace for her. She would definitely bring physicality to the role since the Hit-man trailer highlights numerous action sequences featuring her character. While ware is an unlikely choice for the role, she is still a unique candidate.

Jessica Biel has had her fair amount of success in hollywood, but lately she has not been doing high-profile films. Biel has proven herself as a convincing action star and has range as an actress. She is known for her roles in Total recall, Stealth, Blade: Trinity, and the A-Team. Biel could use the boost since she hasn't had alot of big film roles, and she has been doing alot of indie films recently. Biel could definitely use a role like this to revitalize her career.

Jessica Chastain doesn't require a huge introduction, she is one of the most talked about female actresses and has enough clout and talent to elevate any film she is in. Chastain has already expressed her interest in playing a superhero, but doesn't want to play a love interest. Chastain has already proven that she can play no-nonsense characters that are also compelling which makes her a top contender for the role of Mera. She also said she wants her character to have cool powers and an awesome costume, further proof that this could be the dream role she is looking for.

Elizabeth Debicki is known as an Australian film and stage actress but she has recently been making her mark in film and television. She will be appearing in a number of american film productions as well as numerous mini-series. Debicki has some degree of talent but she has not been in a major action role, Man from U.N.C.L.E. could change that though. Not a likely choice, but definitely a choice to consider.

Ruby Rose has been receiving alot of attention for her controversial statements about her personal life and the decisions she has made regarding not to change her gender. She is also gaining popularity for her role on the prison comedy drama show "Orange is the new black" in which she plays a pivotal role. It's not clear how versatile she is as an actress so it's difficult to fully assess her talent. She has not been in a serious action role which makes it unclear how she would fare in a potentially action heavy movie, We can consider her a wild-card for now.

Paula Patton has shown that she can play a tough character who is physically imposing, but is also aware of their feelings. The proof is her role in Mission impossible: Ghost protocol where she gives a charming and aggressive performance as IMF agent Jane Carter. In 2016 she will be appearing in the action fantasy movie "Warcraft" where we will once again see her action chops on display. Patton would be a perfect match for Mera since she would be just as imposing alongside Momoa while still being able to show her range as an actress.

Minka kelly has not had alot of success since her early days as an actress. she has some films lined up but none of them appear to be that important. She hasn't been in a movie where she can do action sequences and has shown limited range as an actress.This is a run of the mill pick that is unlikely. She might go for it considering the need for a career boost.

Billie piper has gained prominence for her role on "Doctor Who" and has appeared on the acclaimed "Penny dreadful", but lately she hasn't been doing very much. She has some films on hold and some that she is currently filming. Piper has not done an action heavy role either, she has range as an actress though. Piper would probably be open for the role given her lack of involvement in American film productions compared to other British actors, She also hasn't done a comic book movie so this could be a new experience for her.

Last but not least we have Emily Browning. She has often been labeled as an underrated actress even though she had her moment in the spotlight when she starred in Zack Snyder's "sucker punch" which is still a cult-classic in the eyes of some fans despite the film's criticism. Browning only has one film lined up for this year called "Legend" which pairs her with Tom hardy. Playing a DC character like Mera could help Browning rise to the top. She has connections with Synder so he could vouch for her if she showed interest in the role.


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