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October 5, 2011. On this day the 'Pioneer of the personal computer revolution' died. He is known as the co-founder, chairman and CEO of the technology giant 'Apple Inc.'

By the time of his death in 2011, he was considered as the person who 'Revolutionized six industries : Personal computers, Animated movies, Music, Phones, Tablet, Computing, and Digital publishing.'

Two years after his death a movie based on his life was released with name "JOBS". Staring Aston kutcher as Steve jobs . The budget of the movie was 12 million dollars and it earned 35.9 million dollars. Making the film a modest box office success. Jobs received mixed negative reviews.

Steve wozniak said that he was approached by the crew of jobs with the script . He read it and said that it felt like shit.

He was also approached by the Sony people and in the end he decided to go with the latter. After its website was hacked , Sony dropped the idea of making a Steve jobs biopic

'STEVE JOBS' is an upcoming biographical drama film based on the life of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve jobs , starring Michael Fassbender as the Steve jobs. The film is adapted from the book 'Steve jobs' written by Walter Isaacson. it is scheduled for release on October 9, 2015 , roughly four years after Steve jobs's death . The official trailer was released on July 1, 2015 . It is distributed by Universal pictures.

Lets come to the point , I saw this trailer earlier today , it was truly amazing . First of all it stars the Hollywood hottie Michael Fassbender , he being in the movie will attract a lot of female fans . Secondly this movie is about Steve jobs , so a lot of geeks and Apple fans will attend the movie. The movie has Danny boyle as the director. Most of all it is been distributed by Universal pictures and Men! they really know how to make a good movie. And it also stars Kate Winslet as 'Joanna hoffman' and Seth Rogen as 'Steve woazniak'.

The trailer starts with Steve woazniak talking to Steve jobs "You are not an engineer or a designer , you can't put a hammer to the nail , I built the circuit , how come I receive that Steve jobs is genius , what do you do?"

To which he replies "Musicians play the instruments , I play the orchestra"

That means we will see the fight between the two Steves (Steve jobs and Steve wozniak) about what went wrong between them , which is gonna be epic.

By seeing the trailer , one can imagine the movie is quiet similar to Jobs (2013). But the it has an extra and the beautiful element. The movie also has Steve's daughter in played Lisa jobs played by Perla Harney - Jardine. This will add a beautiful flavour to the movie.

Hope this movie shakes the box office. And truly show who Steve jobs is. Here is the official trailer.


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